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Eden Autism

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Eden, a New Jersey-based nonprofit organization, was founded in 1975 with a mission to improve the lives of children and adults with autism and their families. Parents and professionals alike joined together to develop a family oriented, multifaceted program with a well-trained and dedicated faculty. Inherent in Eden's founding was the commitment to provide a cost-effective, community-based alternative to institutionalization and to offer programming that would meet the changing needs of children and adults with autism.
The mission of Eden Autism is to improve the lives of children and adults with autism and their families by providing a range of community-based services to meet specific needs throughout the lifespan.

Eden's services include early intervention, individualized education, group residences and employment opportunities, as well as a comprehensive outreach component that offers expertise and assistance to parents and professionals in the greater autism community.
Eden Autism 2 Merwick Road Princeton, NJ 08540
Telephone: (609) 987-0099
Fax: (609) 987-0243
Foundation fax: (609) 987-1346