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Lansing Community College

Lansing Community College (LCC) established in 1957 to fulfill growing demand for specialized and technical education opportunities for the Greater Lansing’s industrial workforce.

LCC is one of the most comprehensive colleges focused upon offering learning opportunities in four areas: career and workforce development, general education, developmental education, and personal enrichment. LCC is recognized as a local, state, national, and international leader in forging educational partnerships with business, industry, and government to better meet the needs of an ever changing, world wide market place. LCC is strategically positioned to provide not only what students determined that they will need, but also what our society will need in the future.
Statements of Purpose consist of the College’s Vision, Mission, Motto, and Guiding Principles: Vision Serving the learning needs of a changing community. Mission LCC exists so that the people it serves have learning and enrichment opportunities to improve their quality of life and standard of living. Motto Where Success Begins Guiding Principles 1. LCC will be a “Comprehensive Community College,” focused upon offering learning opportunities in four areas: career and workforce development, general education, developmental education, and personal enrichment. 2. LCC will have a careers emphasis and, in support of this, maintain a technology-rich environment, fostering “user-” vs. classroom-level information technology skills. 3. LCC will maintain and support a well-qualified, committed, and competitively compensated faculty and staff who use both proven traditional and progressive student-centered learning approaches. 4. LCC commits to continuous improvement in its programs and services and will maintain high expectations of its students. 5. LCC will be flexible, affordable, and accountable, continuously improving student learning and support services through the assessment of measurable outcomes. 6. LCC will strive to be “state of the art” in all that it does, while pursuing a select number of cutting-edge initiatives. 7. LCC will have a local emphasis in allocating its resources, while maintaining vital connections to the world, culturally and technologically. 8. LCC, within its broader purpose of serving its entire community in diverse ways, recognizes a special responsibility to young adults, those from lower income brackets, and those requiring developmental academic or entry-level career skills. 9. LCC seeks cooperative relationships with both private and public organizations, pursuing growth not as an end in itself but only when it best serves student and community needs. 10. LCC will prepare those it serves to thrive in a diverse world by reflecting that diversity in its student enrollment, staffing, planning, and allocation of resources. 11. LCC will manage its finances in a responsible manner; allocating resources and achieving efficiencies to best serve the priority needs of its students and the taxpayers who support its operation. 12. LCC is a dedicated community member working for the betterment of all.
Why LCC?
Looking for academic and career direction?

Whether you need new job skills, a new career, are entering college for the first time, or looking for a first career, Lansing Community College can help move you into a profession that fits your lifestyle and career aspirations. A variety of certificate and associate degree programs are available to you in areas from kinesiology, office administration and computer-aided drafting to foreign languages, automotive technology and architecture. Transfer programs are also available if you choose to begin your undergraduate work at LCC and complete bachelor degree studies at another college.

With LCC, you will be introduced to the latest information in your course of study taught by outstanding faculty who bring real-world relevance to your classroom experience. Our classes are small, personalized and offered days, evenings and weekends. Online course completion is also available for taking individual courses or earning entire degrees online through our eCampus learning environment. Other course delivery conveniences are LCC classes taught at off-campus learning centers in areas throughout the Greater Lansing Area as well as in the Livingston County Center in Howell and the Clinton County Center in St. Johns.

Academic and career counselors are available to help you develop a practical academic plan and career search strategies to get you where you want to be.

Excellent. Convenient. Affordable. Practical. That’s Lansing Community College.

What’s next? We’re ready to help you clarify your goals. If you’ve never been a student at LCC, your first step is to complete a college admission application.

If you’ve been an LCC student in the past, and need guidance on how to get back on track, begin by speaking with our online academic advisor or setting up an appointment with an advisor in the Counseling Services Department. Our advisors can work with you to assess where you’ve been and where you want to go.

If you’re considering changing careers or need to learn new job skills, start by making an appointment with a career counselor in the Center for Employment Services. Counselors there can help guide you through a decision-making process necessary to bring into focus a clear connection between who you are and what’s important to you in relation to academic preparation and career choice. Start today. You’ll be glad you did.
Lansing Community College,
Lansing, MI 48901-7210

Phone: 517-483-1957 / 1-800-644-4522