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Anaren, Inc

Founded in 1967 by Hugh A. Hair and Carl W. Gerst Jr. as a supplier of microwave components and subassemblies to the defense electronics market, today's Anaren (Nasdaq: Anen) is a major innovator of standard products and custom microwave and RF technology. Anaren's customers include the world's leading OEMs in the wireless-infrastructure, wireless consumer products, satellite, defense electronics, and select other sectors utilizing complex microwave and RF technology. Our products are the result of innovative engineering, design, materials processing, and world-class volume manufacturing conducted in five state-of-the-art facilities worldwide. And our products are sold/serviced through our worldwide network of technical field-sales representatives and quality stocking distributors
Provide a gratifying, challenging, rewarding, supportive, and safe place of employment for our staff worldwide. To accomplish this, Anaren will make aggressive ‘human capital’ investments in such areas as:
  • professional development and training
  • highly competitive compensation packages that recognize,
    reward, and nurture both initiative and innovation
  • a positive ‘corporate culture’ through perpetuation of our
    corporate values
Make a positive contribution to the communities we call home, by being:
  • an economic driver through job creations, opportunities
    for local suppliers, and contributions to the local tax base
  • a responsible, active corporate citizen, through contributions
    to and involvement community-based causes
Be sensitive to, and have minimal negative impact upon, the natural environment through responsible use of materials, recycling, and proactive compliance with applicable worldwide environmental standards

Have an overall positive impact on the world, by providing high-quality, innovative products that ultimately enhance the lives or productivity our technologies’ ultimate users -
  • be they consumers, businesses, government, or free-world military concerns.
  • Contact
    Anaren Microwave, Inc.
    6635 Kirkville Road
    East Syracuse, NY 13057
    Tel: 315-432-8909
    Toll-free: 800-544-2414
    Fax: 315-432-9121