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Oncology Consultants, P A


Our Physician-Driven Philosophy

The mission of Oncology Consultants is to provide state of the science cancer treatment in a caring environment.

Our physician-driven philosophy puts the focus on the patient. We are concerned with each individual's treatment and progress. Every element of our physician-driven practice concentrates on your care: your comfort, convenience, confidence and peace of mind. We work to eliminate barriers that could stand in the way of a positive outcome. Our devotion to the patient provides the personal attention, time and resources you deserve.

History of Oncology Consultants

Dr. Luis T. Campos founded the practice in 1978 with the goal of providing advanced treatments, including the most promising research protocols while in the convenience of a community-based setting. As your physicians and support team at Oncology Consultants, we consider it a privilege to be involved in the diagnosis and treatment of your cancer. We provide the resources for your well-being, healing and recovery with our personalized treatment plans, easy access to physicians and nurses, and a warm, caring atmosphere. Every person who seeks care from Oncology Consultants quickly understands and appreciates our tradition of caring and medical excellence.

Oncology Consultants is one of the largest, independent community based practices in Houston, with success in caring for patients for over 30 years. Local, regional and international patients seek the expertise of our physicians who consistently earn recognition from peers and patients alike.

Physician Collaboration

We have found that breakthroughs are most often made when great minds come together and talk about specific treatment options. Every week, your physicians and key nurses meet to discuss patient cases. You'll benefit from the collaboration and clinical experience of every physician on our staff. We also keep your physicians properly informed. This philosophy is part of our practice; it is how we choose to utilize every insight available to overcome cancer.


12371 Kingsride
Houston, Texas 77095
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