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Employer Quick Look

IKO Industries Ltd


When IKO started its business there were eleven manufacturers of asphalt roofing products in Canada. In this tough and competitive industry IKO has always been a strong and consistent leader, known for setting the standard and offering a quality product at an affordable price. Today, out of those original eleven manufacturers, only two have survived. IKO is one of them.

At IKO, we believe the success and longevity of our company is attributed to four key ingredients: The talent and commitment of our people, top quality products, continuous innovation and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. This spirit of innovation and quality is the driving force that began the company in 1949 when our founders investigated the suitability of using Alberta asphalt for roofing products. Up until that time, Alberta asphalt was dismissed as unusable in the manufacture of roofing products. Not willing to walk away from a problem, efforts were focused on finding a practical solution.


Finally, and as importantly, IKO continues to emphasize the long-term view over short-term results. This goal underlines a wide range of company policies, from relationships with our partners (employees, customers and suppliers), to expected returns on investments, vertical integration, and research and product development. IKO will continue to Set The Standard, but only through ethical behavior, dedication, and teamwork.

Vertical Integration

IKO is a vertically integrated company. This means that we have everything under one roof: ours. Most of our competitors rely on outside suppliers and producers for their raw materials.

At IKO, we manufacture or supply all the components that go into our final products. We make our own asphalt from our selected stock of high-grade flux. We mine and crush our own mineral granules. Our fiberglass and organic felt mats are widely considered to be the best in the industry. We even maintain a separate shipping terminal to receive bitumen.

From raw materials to finished product, our own stringent quality standards control the entire process. Since we make what goes in, we control what comes out. This ensures that our customers the world over consistently get the finest quality products, no matter where they’re located. IKO offers quality our customers count on. Quality our competitors can’t match.