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The State of Ohio created county boards of mental retardation in 1967 with the passage of Ohio Amended Senate Bill 169. The county boards became known as “169 Boards.” When the first Board was installed in 1967, it continued to contract with the Hamilton County Welfare Department (HCWD) to provide the same services the department had provided for several years. In 1971, however, the Board began initiating and administering its own programs.

In 1980 the scope of county boards was broadened through passage of Amended Substitute Senate Bill 160, which updated and clarified the duties and responsibilities of the county boards, and added developmental disabilities to the Board’s title. The growth of programs, both in size and numbers, has been phenomenal.

Mission & Vision
Our Mission:

Supporting people with disabilities and their families to achieve what is important to them.

Our Vision:

We are working with people who have disabilities, their families, people who provide support services, and other citizens of Hamilton County to build a future in which people with disabilities:

  • Are able to say what services they want and get them.
  • Learn skills that lead to good jobs and better lives.
  • Have networks of friends and family who care about them.
  • Have well-trained staff who listen and offer help in planning for the future.
  • Are safe, healthy, involved members of their communities.

Philosophy Statement:

The principles of self determination are central to the services and supports the Board provides, and to the planning process for services that meet an individuals needs and wishes.

This person-centered approach to providing services is based on an individual's choices, preferences, strengths, and dreams. Planning includes family, and the "circle of support." The circle of support includes others who are most important to the person.