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Insurance Overload Staffing

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2,500 - 5,000 employees  |  

Founded in 1983, Insurance Overload Staffing has grown to be the largest insurance-specific staffing business in North America, serving 58 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. The officers and managers of IOS are career insurance personnel. They come from the insurance industry, and they lead the industry in staffing services due to extraordinary concentration on our Quality Screening Verification (QSV) system. No one in insurance recruiting and temporary personnel goes farther, invests more, or does it better than IOS.

Insurance Overload Staffing brings professionalism to the recruiting and placing of experienced personnel in claims, underwriting, customer service, clerical, and all other occupations within the insurance industry. IOS is the most experienced full service agency in North America capable of dealing in the technical and support skill sets for:

Property and Casualty
Workers' Compensation
HMO, PPO, IPO and other Managed Care lines
Individual and Group Health, Dental & Vision
Life and Disability


The Insurance Overload Staffing advantages for direct hire and temporary personnel make IOS the first choice of job seekers in the insurance industry because: We have 58 offices in North America with career insurance professionals providing hands-on local service to job candidates and temporary personnel. We have accumulated a database of over 68,000 insurance employer hiring contacts that know and respect IOS through 16 ½ years in business. We are in insurance H.R. offices and unit managers' offices every day all over North America, including carriers, managed care organizations, TPA's, self-insured organizations, adjusters and legal offices so that we are able to place people in all lines and occupations within the industry. HEALTH INSURANCE - Health Insurance : Eligibility is after 30 days of active employment from the first assignment start work date. Coverage is effective on the first Monday (beginning of pay period) following the pay period in which a deduction occurs. Options include medical PPO plan, dental, vision, life, dependent life and short term disability benefits. DOWNTIME PAY - Payroll is continued for sick time, holidays, and lapses between jobs. Eligibility is accrued at a rate of 12 days per year. BONUSES - Referral bonuses and special recognition bonuses are paid under varying circumstances. CREDIT UNION - Immediate membership available in credit union which allows lifetime membership with savings and loan features. 401k PLAN - 401Plan - Pre-tax retirement savings plan which accepts rollovers from qualified 401(k) plans. Employees may contribute any percent annually up to the annual maximum allowed by the IRS in a plan year. Employees must work 4 months, and enroll in the following open enrollment in December and June for a January 1 and July 1 effective date.


IOS is a corporate culture of insurance industry people who have dedicated themselves to serving the insurance industry through the providing of quality personnel services. As insurance people ourselves, we apply our insurance education and work experience to the objective of bringing other insurance workers together with compatible jobs for insurance employers. Our goal is to provide the insurance industry with expertise in insurance human capital resources that cannot be found in standard office help staffing agencies, and provide a positive impact on the insurance community.

To accomplish the goals of our corporate culture, IOS has established the highest standards for interviewing, testing, screening and placing of personnel in insurance occupations that can be found anywhere in the staffing business. It is audited twice annually under the Quality Screening Verification (QSV) system.

To ensure the accomplishment of these goals, IOS has made it a part of our culture to go to every length and make every possible investment in the development of insurance-experienced job candidates for both direct placements and temporary jobs. Our candidates are our bread and butter. They are our fellow insurance professionals who deserve top pay and every possible benefit we can create. We believe that the quality of insurance is in the quality of insurance personnel.

The conduct of IOS business has to be carried out by the very best of insurance personnel, our own IOS staff members. For their insurance expertise, we seek to maintain an accommodating and truly desirable work environment. The IOS staff members are themselves the nucleus of the corporate culture.

At the core of the IOS culture is the standard of ethics that governs IOS business conduct. It is embodied in Our Eight Commitments drafted by IOS over 12 years ago to serve as a beacon for ethical conduct in insurance personnel. Those ethical standards were amplified and enlarged when IOS implemented its Quality Screening Verification (QSV) system which incorporated very strong support for the ethical conduct of our staffing business.

IOS draws its livelihood from the insurance industry by providing quality personnel services under the highest of standards through investing in insurance people and maintaining a strong commitment to business ethics.

Insurance Overload Staffing

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