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Carolina Handling

Carolina Handling was founded in 1966. Don Pratt, then National Sales Manager at The Raymond Corporation in Greene, New York, was offered the opportunity to acquire the Raymond Dealership in the Carolinas from the estate of W.M. Anderson Company, Inc. The name W.M. Anderson was retained until 1967 when it was changed to Carolina handling, which was more descriptive of our territory and the nature of our business.

In 1968, The Raymond Corporation offered Carolina Handling, Inc. the opportunity to expand our territory into the state of Georgia, we eagerly accepted the offer. We felt that the "Carolina" Handling name would not be descriptive of our operation in Georgia, so we established Georgia Handling, Inc., as a wholly owned subsidiary of Carolina Handling, Inc.

In the spring of 1985, we were offered another opportunity to expand. We purchased Alabama Handling, Inc. and again, indicative of territory retained the name, and Alabama Handling, Inc. also became a wholly owned subsidiary of Carolina Handling, Inc.In reality, as we functioned from day to day, we were "one company", with the same goals and philosophy of business.

In January 1987, we merged Georgia and Alabama Handling together to form Georgia-Alabama Handling, a division of Carolina Handling, Inc. In January 1991, the Georgia-Alabama name was eliminated and all branches now operate under one name, Carolina Handling.

In August 1989, Tim Hilton and Bob Selnekovic purchased Carolina Handling., Inc., from Don Pratt. Mr. Pratt decided to spend more time with Multi-Shifter (another company that he owns), and to enjoy the fruits of his many years of labor.

In January 1985, The Raymond Corporation joined Carolina Handling as an equity partner with a 30% equity interest. This decision reflected both Carolina Handling's and Raymond's philosophy to build a true partnership between the two companies. There are numerous benefits to both organizations as this builds an even stronger network. In 1995 Bob Selnekovic decided to take a step back from the day to day business activities and officially retired. To date, he continues to support Carolina Handling as a consultant.

August 31, 1992 brought the rise of two new Associates, who were soon to become very integral parts of Carolina Handling's continued growth and success. Jim Swittenburg, our Vice President of Product Support, and Dave Heichemer, our Vice President of Sales, both became equity partners in April of 1998. Jim's experience has transitioned our Product Support Staff into what is recognized and respected as a premier service driven organization. Dave has developed our Regional Sales Management Teams and continues to drive our market share presence throughout our territory. As equity partners their commitment to our organization is foremost. Their leadership capabilities, coupled with Tim Hilton and The Raymond Corporation, have strengthened our foundation and will drive us successfully in the new millennium.
As a leader in the materials handling industry since 1966, Carolina Handling offers exciting and interesting career opportunities. Our employment program provides annual recognition programs and an excellent benefits package, which includes: Competitive pay, medical, dental, and prescription drug insurance, 401(k) retirement plan, life insurance, paid vacation, tuition reimbursement and much more! What makes a career at Carolina Handling special? Simply put, we believe in empowering our Associates. "We are not looking for people to do what they're told. Quite the contrary. What we're looking for are people who will challenge us to do better, who are committed to going out on a limb to give the customer more than is asked for." Carolina Handling has created an entirely new culture. A truly democratic form of leadership, one in which everyone's voice is heard and an environment in which new ideas are welcome. The results; increased job satisfaction. Throughout our first 34 years of growth, Carolina Handling relied upon key concepts to lead us. Putting Associates first, defined out past success and mapped our future progress. Carolina Handling offers the challenge, opportunity, and growth you're looking for.
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