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Interline Brands, Inc

Sales - Marketing
2,500 - 5,000 employees  |  

Interline Brands, Inc. was created when Wilmar, Barnett and Sexauer — sharing a common set of goals — merged into one organization. Each of these former companies managed different catalog titles or “brands” that market a wide range of MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) products to many different types of customers in the U.S. and abroad. Because our customers trust these brand names, Interline allows each brand to maintain its identity and loyal customer base. At the same time, each of Interline’s brands can now make significant improvements in sales, efficiency, technology, and customer satisfaction by being part of the Interline family. For example, we can now offer same-day or next-day delivery of the products in all of our catalogs to customers across North and Central America via our many distribution centers. Today, Interline Brands is a clear leader in the distribution of MRO products, and each of our brands can take advantage of our many resources.


The Barnett brand’s primary customers are professional plumbing, electrical, HVAC and building contractors. Barnett functions as a wholesaler with a cost structure similar to that of a manufacturer because of its ability to import high-quality products at very low cost. Barnett sells major brand names, but also offers its own private label alternatives at lower prices, providing the contractor with higher profits. The catalog shows net contractor prices, which eliminates list price/multiplier calculations and is easier for the customer to understand. Barnett sells through direct-mail marketing, telesales, monthly sale flyers and promotions, local pickup counters and field sales reps in major markets.


Sexauer distributes plumbing specialties and maintenance supplies to the facilities maintenance markets, with a customer base that includes hospitals, schools, nursing homes, prisons, and office buildings. The Sexauer name has a national reputation for quality, and uses that brand name on many of its products. Sexauer sells to its customers primarily through highly trained and experienced field sales reps who specialize in serving customers’ needs and solving their maintenance product problems. Sexauer’s marketing includes a full-line master catalog, mini sale catalogs and monthly direct-mail flyers, as well as a telesales department. Many of Sexauer’s sales support associates are based in Scarsdale, NY and Louisville, KY, while its sales reps (called district managers) and management are located throughout the US.

Career Opportunities

The U.S. Lock brand markets architectural and security hardware, electronics, access control products, safes, and locksmith supplies, under major national name brands as well as its own private-label line of products. U.S. Lock’s telesales and customer support organization, based in Brentwood, NY, uses a full-line catalog and monthly flyers to sell its products to locksmiths, security professionals, door companies and building materials suppliers, serviced from distribution facilities nationwide. Our exclusive “Authorized Dealer Program” gives customers an edge and helps grow their business through a number of price and service benefits.


Wilmar is a single reliable source for maintenance products, janitorial supplies, appliances, and related supplies. Its extensive catalog makes Wilmar a “one-stop shopping” resource for maintenance managers in the multi-family housing industry. Wilmar offers a national price scale with local distribution, giving it a greater geographic reach than its competitors. Wilmar has many distribution points throughout the U.S., over 200 knowledgeable field sales representatives, over 100 customer service representatives, and free value-added services like guaranteed same-day or next-day delivery on company trucks. A national accounts team works to secure contracts at large properties, using Wilmar’s broad product selection and distribution capabilities to help national accounts consolidate their maintenance purchases.

Hardware Express

In the $200 billion hardware industry, Hardware Express focuses on the independent hardware retailer, acting as a “manufacturer’s direct” wholesaler for plumbing, electrical and hardware products. Hardware Express offers private-label brands that help the retailer compete with name brands at large cooperative chain stores. Many Hardware Express products are sourced overseas and packaged specifically for the retail store environment on cards, in bags or boxes. Also provided are displays, labels and signs to help the retailer more effectively merchandise a store. This is an efficient, cost-effective way for small and independent retailers to reap better product value for their costs while beautifying their store and making it easier for their customers to find and buy products. Hardware Express sells to customers through direct-mail marketing, monthly flyers, telesales and a limited number of field sales reps who focus on selling retail display assortments to hardware stores.

SunStar and AF Lighting

SunStar sells electrical, lighting and datacom products to electrical contractors who are primarily engaged in residential construction and repair throughout the U.S. Over 70% of what SunStar offers are private-label and import items, giving SunStar a distinct advantage over many other distributors by providing contractors with lower cost alternatives. SunStar sells through a dedicated telesales team that is supported by catalogs and a direct-mail marketing campaign.

Interline Brands
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