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Rich Products

In 2005, Rich Products Corporation celebrates 60 delicious years as a family-owned company. Founded in 1945, Rich’s is known around the world as the founder of the non-dairy segment of the frozen food industry and a leading supplier and solutions provider to the food service, in-store bakery and retail marketplaces. As one of the world’s premier family-owned food companies, Rich’s posts annual sales exceeding $2 billion.

Rich’s manufactures and markets quality products including: toppings & icings, breads and rolls, finished desserts and cakes, pizza dough and sweet goods, beverages, Italian specialties, barbeque, seafood and appetizers.

Rich’s Global Organization

Rich’s is organized into three major business groups: The Rich’s US/Canada Group, The Rich-SeaPak Group, and the Rich International Group.
Rich’s sells more than 2,300 products to more than 85 countries worldwide, including China, Mexico, India, Korea, Brazil, the U.K., South Africa, Russia, Thailand and Israel.
Rich’s has 22 wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in North America and 8 internationally.
Rich’s employs 6,500 Associates in manufacturing facilities and offices in 18 countries. More than 1,300 Associates are based in Buffalo, NY, USA.
Career Opportunities
Celebrating 60 Delicious Years
2005 marks Rich’s 60th birthday. These 60 delicious years have been marked by innovative breakthroughs, an unparalleled commitment to “Caring For Customers Like Only a Family Can,” and aggressive worldwide growth.

Our “60 Delicious Years” celebration is a year filled with fun and surprise for our family of Associates and Customers. We celebrate our past and our future by reflecting on all that we have accomplished in 60 years and continuing to dream about our exciting future.

In our next 60 years, through new product development, strategic acquisitions, and a relentless commitment to excellence, Rich’s will continue to grow and thrive as a global industry leader.
Mission: World Class
An important element of our unique culture at Rich’s is Mission: World Class®, an innovative business philosophy introduced by President Robert E. Rich Jr. in 1994.

Mission: World Class® is foundational to our way of life. It reflects our promise to Associates and customers. The Mission: World Class® behaviors that have led to our success are: a spirit of innovation; a commitment to exceeding customers’ needs through quality products and exemplary service; a passion for energizing, equipping and empowering extraordinary Associates; an adherence to continuously improving processes; and a fundamental ethical choice to always “do the right thing.”
Our Associates constantly set new standards of excellence in customer satisfaction and achieve new levels of competitive success in all aspects of our business. Our history is filled with the development of innovative new products and processes that have significantly impacted the food industry for nearly 60 years.

At Rich’s, we’ve always had a passion for extraordinary people… People with the desire to take their careers to new levels and the enthusiasm to make an impact on the organization in which they work!

If you are looking for a challenging opportunity in a high-performance, innovative culture with strong ethics and an open, trusting environment, then your opportunity is here!
Rich’s family of leading brands

USA Brands:
• Rich’s® Whip Topping® Non-Dairy Topping
• On Top® Non-Dairy Topping
• Bettercreme®
• SeaPak®
• Farm Rich®
• Casa DiBertacchi®
• Byron’s® Barbecue
• Bahama Blast™
• Jon Donaire®
• Mother’s Kitchen™
• Rich’s® Eclairs
• Coffee Rich®
• Allen ®

International Brands:
• Gold Label™ Non-Dairy Whip Topping™
• Tres Riches™
• European Style Whip Topping
• Gold Label™ Plus Dairy
• Presto™
• Avoset™
Rich Products Corporation
One Robert Rich Way
Buffalo, NY 14213 USA
1-800-828-2021 or 716-878-8000