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On a cool December day in 2005, two friends were relaxing during a round of golf and they felt a different chill in the air. It was the sensation that something remarkable was about to happen (and it wasn’t a birdie). Will Jones contemplated aloud what he would do since the software company where he proved himself faithful for nine years was being bought out. Sean Thornton heard a door that he had closed years earlier groan on its hinges, opening once more. Little did they know that their private aspirations were about to intersect.

Both found that they craved the challenge of opening a personal business. Their conversation escalated, as Sean — who worked for two different staffing companies over six years — shared the business model that would make their dreams reality. Each felt that he possessed the qualities that a great staffing business is founded upon: communication, honesty, sales ability, commitment, and — most importantly — the desire to see one another, clients, and candidates succeed.

The result of their determination became Kudzu Staffing, which opened its doors on May 1, 2006. Kudzu is conveniently located just off of I-85 in Powdersville, South Carolina. It is our mission to “grow” the lives of our employees and clients by providing exceptional service, honesty, and integrity in everything we do.

Our name is true to this mission—we’re fast-growing, impossible to stop, and we cover everything!


From the moment you call or arrive at our office, you will understand why Kudzu is well on its way to becoming the upstate’s top staffing choice. But just in case you’re cruising our site wondering “Why Kudzu?” here are a few morsels for you to savor— Our Superior Service The integrity of Kudzu’s staff and mission is solid—we say what we will do, then do what we have said. It is not a complicated philosophy, and it proves that honesty and customer service are our top priorities. Our Safety Practices Employees are their own product (and ours). We take an interest in each candidate’s health, and ingrain safe practices with a required on-line safety class. After completing the class, candidates are tested to certify their retention of safety skills and to ensure the well-being of candidates and clients alike. Our recruiters and office staff are also 10 hour OSHA certified and they are excellent teachers of safety. Our Employee Benefits In order to attract and retain a highly skilled pool of candidates, we offer exceptional employee benefits including retirement plans, paid vacation time, holiday pay, and health insurance. Candidates are eligible for benefits within thirty days of continuous employment, instead of the standard ninety days imposed by our competitors. Our Skill Testing We will not send you the wrong employee. That’s why we back every employee with a 4 hour guarantee—why risk placing an under-qualified candidate in an incompatible position? We test each candidate’s specific skill set before matching them with potential clients so that both benefit from the knowledge of our candidate’s superior skills. After all, our employees are our biggest investment.


Our mission is to “grow” the lives of our employees and clients by providing exceptional service, honesty, and integrity in everything we do. Kudzu Staffing is on its way to being the upstate’s number one source for exceptional human resource services. That is why we make a point to listen to our clients and candidates and match need for need in the hiring process. Our attention to detail and friendly staff are sure to “grow” on you. We offer on-site staffing, outsourcing, supplemental-to-hire, direct hire, and supplemental staffing options. Take a spin around our website and see how we can meet your needs. At Kudzu, “We’ve got you covered”!

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Greenville Office
Phone: 864-272-0181
Toll Free: 1-866-379-7113
Fax: 864-295-1210

Charleston Office
Phone: 843-225-0123
Fax: 843-225-0185