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Employer Quick Look

Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, Inc.

Goodwill is in the business of helping people find jobs and provides programs and services for people who want to work. Goodwill is a community resource committed to deploying our assets and leveraging our resources with those of others in the community to create more opportunities for people who need assistance to improve their ability to earn a living.
Goodwill will make the greatest contribution possible to assist in attaining the primary goal of the 21st Century Initiative of Goodwill Industries International, Inc. That goal is to “help 20 million individuals and their families improve their economic self-sufficiency through work by the year 2020.” To accomplish this goal, Goodwill will:
  • Prepare people for the 21st Century Workforce.
  • Take a whole-family approach to help people achieve success in the workplace.
  • Develop mission-enhancing business opportunities.
  • Focus on technology training and resources as a means of workplace success.
  • Develop and optimize the use of Goodwill’s resources.
Goodwill Industries is a community resource that offers opportunities, provides services, and leverages its resources and capabilities with those of others – including units of government, employers, education and training organizations, private philanthropies, and other entities – to improve the education, skills, employability, and economic self-sufficiency of adults and the future employability of young people who are at high risk of dropping out of school.

Goodwill helps people find jobs.
Respect for people - We strive to treat everyone in a respectful manner.

Customer satisfaction - We strive to exceed the expectations customers, donors, and users of our services have of us.

Informed decision-making - We gather useful information and, to the extent possible, make decisions based on facts.

Continuous improvement - We continuously seek better ways to do our work and accomplish our mission.

Good stewardship - We are responsible stewards of all our resources.
Every individual has value.

Work adds meaning and purpose to life, and there is dignity in all useful occupations.

Goodwill provides opportunities, not charity, and fosters development, not dependency.

Individuals are primarily responsible for their development and actions.

Goodwill supports itself as much as possible.
Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, Inc.
1635 West Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46222

(317) 524-4313
TTY (317) 524-4309
Fax (317) 524-4336