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Aloha Petroleum

Retail, Oil Refining - Petroleum - Drilling

ALOHA! Thank you for your interest in our company.

Aloha Petroleum, Ltd. is one of the leading petroleum marketers and convenience store operators in Hawaii. Over the past few years we have been recognized by Hawaii Business Magazine as one of the Top 250 companies in our state, ranking 10th in 2013. We are privately owned and locally operated, and have been a part of the local community for more than 100 years. We employ over 500 Hawaii residents and operate or franchise approximately 100 Shell, Aloha, and Mahalo branded fueling stations on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii Island. Of these locations we operate 42 ourselves. We own and operate Aloha Island Mart convenience stores at 38 of the stations operated by Aloha Petroleum; these stores are on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii Island. In 2011, we began a major push to upgrade and reimage our stores to give them all a consistent, modern and distinct look and feel.

We value our customers and want them to know that they can count on Aloha Island Mart to offer quality food and beverage products, including fresh and healthy meal options and local favorites, in a clean and inviting setting. We’ve upgraded our retail image and design but we haven’t lost touch with our customers or our local roots.

Our vision:

"Great people working together, with aloha, to create an extraordinary company."

Our mission: "We will improve the quality of life of our customers, our employees, our business partners, and our shareholders by being the best fuel distributor, marketer and convenience store retailer in Hawaii."

Aloha Petroleum has been a supplier of alternative fuels for the past 11 years and has plans to play a greater role in the alternative energy arena. We’ve been supplying B20 biodiesel to private companies and government agencies for several years, supply the military with E85 for their flex fuel vehicles, and have undertaken opportunities to develop electric vehicle recharging and hydrogen refueling stations.

As a long-time kama’aina company, we are committed to supporting the community, as well as providing our customers with the best value, top quality products, and superior customer service. At aloha Petroleum we believe in operating our business with these core values:

Integrity This value encompasses the basic fundamental business and personal principles of doing the right thing. We will conduct our business with integrity, honesty, respect, and fairness. We will be honorable and ethical and in compliance with the law.


Excellence We believe in professionalism, operational excellence, and administrative excellence; being a desirable business partner; seeking to be a "world class" operator; giving great customer service; providing the best fuel buying experience; and being the best in class in Hawaii.

Innovation We aspire to find creative ways to overcome obstacles, we don’t mind being the first to try something new. These are attributes that Aloha Petroleum has had in the past and for which we continue to strive. We are willing to make a decision, take a reasonable risk, and assume responsibility for that risk. We are able to step outside the paradigm; we like to try something new.


Aloha Spirit We seek to be the type of workplace where we have mutual respect, teamwork, and friendship (family). We want our fellow employees to enjoy their jobs. We care about and for one another, and we will intervene where appropriate. We believe in doing the right thing by each other and by our customers and business partners. This core value is consistent with our company name and our island heritage.

Aloha – it’s not just our name, it’s our spirit! 

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