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Autopart International

Autopart International is a global automotive aftermarket parts supplier devoted to delivering the highest level of quality and service available in the North American market place. We have two primary distribution channels. Our North American Sales Division supports a wholesale customer base across North America, and our Branch Store Division which consists of over 150 stores across New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Florida that provide unsurpassed service to the professional installer.

Within our North American Sales Division we offer two distinct services to our customers. The first service is "Program Distribution", which meets the needs of those customers requiring service across the entire range of a product line. This includes a full range of premium quality parts distributed under the Autopart International brand name, with coordinated electronic and hard copy cataloging, on site sales support, a technical hot line, and marketing and promotional assistance. Our North American Sales Division also offers an "Inventory Resource" service which provides parts for most major automotive systems to those customers with more limited needs. Inventory Resource provides solutions to challenges our customers face with their pre-existing supply chains such as inventory fill and competitive limitations.

Our Branch Store Division provides unsurpassed service focused on the local professional installer. We provide a full breadth of both traditional and hard to find replacement parts, which we augment with our extensive sourcing network, thus enabling us to put even the most obscure of items in your hands in record time. Our commitment to delighting the professional installer is so entrenched in our corporate values, that we take pride in performing extraordinary service for our customers, such as tire deliveries and lunch pick-ups.

These corporate values find their roots in the company's independent and enduring leadership. The Company had its start in 1957 when Stephen Patkin, the company's founder and current Chairman, took a summer job sourcing parts for his family's Fiat, Renault car dealership. The need for these hard to source parts was the catalyst for our start in the aftermarket parts business. This early venture evolved into what is today one of the industry's fastest growing and most stable companies. We employ over 1000 people, and maintain in excess of 200,000 square feet of triple height warehousing capacity at our central distribution facility alone.

Decades of listening intently to our customers, along with our dedication to quality, integrity, and enduring relationships have advanced Autopart International to the forefront of aftermarket parts development and distribution.
We offer excellent pay and benefits not to mention a tremendous teamwork environment.
Our Mission is to be our customers' best "parts partner" by providing the most intelligent, quick, easy and enjoyable auto parts experience in the industry.
Autopart International’s professional corporate staff, including accounting, legal, human resources, receivables and payables, is dedicated to providing top quality service tailored to AI and its employees, customers and suppliers.

Autopart International’s success comes from the hard work, cooperation, creativity and energy of its people. Fostering a cooperative, supportive team environment is central to our philosophy.

Thanks to our loyal employees, suppliers, service providers, and solid base of satisfied customers, AI has become one of the fastest growing, stable companies in the automotive aftermarket today.
  • Alternators - rebuilt
  • Axles - front wheel drive(rebuilt)
  • Bearings - clutch release, pilot and wheel
  • Belts - serpentine, timing and v-belt
  • Boots - c.v. boot kits and rack & pinion boots
  • Bosch - all related parts
  • Brakes - discs(import and domestic cars), drums(import and domestic cars), lines, hardware, master cylinder, pad kits, pads(import and domestic cars), sensors, shims, shoes(rebuilt) and wheel cylinders(import and domestic cars)
  • Clutches - cables, covers, discs, kits(includes cover, discs and bearing), master cylinder, pilot bearing, and slave cylinder
  • Exhaust - braided flex pipe(all sizes), catalytic converters, center pipes, front pipes, hardware and gaskets, mufflers and oxygen sensors
  • Filters - air, fuel, oil, pcv and transmission filter kits
  • Fuel Pumps - electric, mechanical and spacers
  • Gaskets - exhaust flange gaskets, head sets and valve cover
  • Ignition - cap, plugs, rotor and wires
  • Manuals - Repair(Haynes)
  • Seals - front and rear wheel, front and rear crank
  • Shocks/Struts - KYB and bearings for struts
  • Starters - rebuilt
  • Steering Racks - rebuilt
  • Suspension - ball joints, center links, control arms, idler arms and tie rods
  • Switches - brake light, thermo fan and oil pressure
  • Timing - belts, tensioner bearings and timing gear kits
  • Transmission - filter kits(includes filter and gasket)
  • Thermostats - thermostat and gaskets
  • Water Pumps - water pumps and gaskets
  • Contact
    Autopart International, Inc.
    192 Mansfield Avenue
    Norton, MA 02766

    Telephone: 781.784.1111
    Toll Free: 800.242.5700
    Fax: 781.784.1100