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Western & Southern Financial Group

Western & Southern Financial Group is a dynamic family of diversified financial services companies that provides life insurance, retirement planning and investment products and services to help millions of consumers nationwide to plan and protect their futures.

With more than 5,000 associates and more than 50,000 individuals in our selling group, Western & Southern Financial Group offers consumers and businesses the financial products and services they require to meet their insurance needs and investment goals. With in excess of $40 billion in assets owned and under management, we are leveraging our unmatched financial strength to fuel impressive growth through strategic acquisitions, increases in our current product revenue stream and expansion into new channels and businesses.
Financial analysts and experts consistently recognize Western & Southern Financial Group's insurance companies for their financial stability and operating performance. The following descriptions explain The Western and Southern Life Insurance Company's outstanding ratings from three of the most highly regarded rating services.
Vision & Mission
Western & Southern Financial Group's vision is to continue our evolution into a financial services powerhouse which capitalizes on our position of incredible financial strength in order to be a well-recognized, world-class (and best in class) financial services organization. We will provide superior value to all stakeholders and be a high performance enterprise which is a true leader in every sense of the word.

Western & Southern Financial Group's mission addresses four key areas:
Customer Mission: To help consumers meet the bulk of their financial needs by providing responsive, competitive life, health, retirement savings and investment products and services.
Home Office Mission: To develop profitable, long-term relationships with our customers, producers and other stakeholders.
Financial Mission: To be a top-quartile performer in everything we do.
Business Development Mission: To create profitable relationships with customers by providing needs-based products and services while observing the highest standards of ethics and business conduct.
Western & Southern Financial Group is a rapidly growing financial services organization, evolving to meet the challenges of the industry's changing dynamics. The companies comprising Western & Southern Financial Group are all expanding in scope to include exciting new investment vehicles, high-profile funds, venture capital, high-end real estate development and more.

That's why so many success-oriented people are attracted to Western & Southern Financial Group and its subsidiary companies. We offer competitive compensation, excellent benefits and outstanding career growth potential, as well as opportunities in a vast array of fields.

People are attracted to us by opportunities to:

  • Work with the industry's best and brightest
  • Play a vital role in a growing, diversified financial services company
  • Be challenged and energized by a changing work environment
  • Make a difference
  • Positively affect other people's lives
  • Be part of a rock-solid organization
  • Pursue career development
Products helps you understand what insurance and financial planning choices best meet your needs. Whether it's life insurance, critical illness insurance, annuities, or mutual funds, we make it easy for you to understand your options and buy the right financial products. Our services allow you to get a quote, receive additional information, and locate an office nearest you.

Life Insurance
Life insurance can protect you, and those you care about, for a limited period or for your entire lifetime, up to age 100. It's an excellent way to protect your family and help secure their financial future if you're not around.

Life insurance is an agreement that you'll make a series of premium payments. In return, the insurance company will pay the death benefit to your beneficiary when you die. Your beneficiaries can use the death benefit to pay off debt or maintain their lifestyle. The amount and type of life insurance you choose depends on your goals and financial situation.

Critical Illness Insurance
Critical illness – such as life-threatening cancer, heart attack, and stroke – is one of the greatest threats to most people's desire to be financially independent. Recovery from a critical illness is often lengthy and expensive – involving the loss of personal wages and your ability to pay for care and treatment.

Critical Illness Insurance can protect you from the potentially devastating financial effects of critical illness. If a life-threatening illness occurs as defined in the policy, Critical Illness Insurance pays you a benefit to help protect your quality of life with the freedom to use the money however you choose.

Annuities, unlike savings accounts and Certificates of Deposit (CDs), are tax-deferred savings vehicles. Under current tax laws, interest earned is not taxed until you withdraw the money. Annuities are available as a fixed product that pays a guaranteed interest rate declared by the Company or as a variable product where the contract owner decides how to allocate the annuity funds and bears the risk.

An annuity is a vehicle that returns the proceeds in an agreed-upon schedule. You make a single payment or series of payments, and the annuity value grows tax-deferred. At a point of your choosing, your annuity value is paid out to you; you also decide how to receive the money. One popular option is to arrange a stream of income payments that continue for the rest of your life.

Mutual Funds
Mutual funds are an excellent way to invest. There are a host of funds available that can meet your needs and fit within your financial plan.

A mutual fund is essentially a pool of stocks, bonds, or other invested assets. You and other investors with similar goals invest your money in a particular fund. A fund manager administers the combined dollars, deciding when to buy and sell fund assets based on market conditions. With a mutual fund, you hold shares in a greater variety of assets than you could by investing on your own. That spreads your risk and makes it easier to buy or sell your mutual fund shares.
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