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RBA Staffing

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Company Overview

For over 25 years, the Rochester Business Alliance has helped local businesses make strategic employment decisions. Our RBA Staffing division works with our 2000+ member companies to match qualified applicants with great careers. We're different from our competitors. We are unique because we are part of the Rochester Business Alliance - we’re not a franchise of a large corporation sending profits out of town. Every dollar we earn is reinvested back into our local business community, promoting growth and progress for companies in our region. Our state-of-the-art recruiting, screening, placement and follow-up services exceed the standard of excellence and trust in the industry.

RBA Staffing Offers

For job seekers:

  • People Partnerships - At RBA Staffing, we value our people. We treat all applicants with dignity and respect every step of the interviewing, screening and placement process. We partner with you in finding the right job by matching your expectations and skills with companies seeking exactly what you have to offer. Other staffing companies maintain employee relationships in the virtual world of emails. We’re different. We take the extra step of mentoring you along the way in person, face-to-face, because your success is what matters most.

  • Specialized Opportunities - We’re a special company seeking special people. If you possess job experience in high-level clerical, administrative, skilled labor, industrial or customer service positions, we have employers wanting to hire you yesterday.

  • Jobs And More - We value our employee partnerships. Refer us a qualified friend or associate and we say thank you the best way possible – with generous cash bonuses. You’ll earn more than just a paycheck with benefits and employee perks packages that treat you special.

For employers:
  • Precision Placements - precision-tuned placement services that deliver the highest quality employee available for temporary, direct hire or contract to permanent positions. Time is money and our clients save both knowing we get it right the first time while offering the shortest turnaround between job request and expert placement.

  • Staffing Specialization - We’re not like other staffing companies that pretend to be everything to everyone. Instead, we excel in servicing companies and job candidates with more specialized expectations and requirements. We offer the highest value for your staffing dollars with our ready access to labor pools filtered to meet the unique needs of manufacturing, healthcare and customer service industries.

  • Expert Staffing, And More - Our staffing services includes payroll management options for contract, part-time or evaluation before hiring whether or not the personnel is sourced through our firm. Whether your company is a small business or a large corporation, we can help increase productivity; reduce hiring risks and lower costs with payroll service plans that are designed to fit any budget. From placement to paycheck, we have you covered.

  • Reference Checking

    Don’t take an unnecessary risk – know who you are hiring. RBA Staffing’s background and reference checking service will give you peace of mind about the qualifications and status of candidates. Our Fair Credit Reporting Act-compliant interactive ordering system offers easy-to-use data entry screens, flexible reporting options and process monitoring. You’ll gain valuable information to help make better decisions with more efficient hiring practices.

    Using an extensive network of court researchers across the United States, as well as access to federal, state and county criminal record databases, we provide prompt and accurate information to assist you in selecting the best-qualified applicants for your company.

    Our system has the capability to obtain a wide range of information, including felony convictions, department of motor vehicle and credit checks, employment background checks and education verifications.

    System Features and Benefits

    • Secure Web site with individual logins and passwords

    • Customized reference checking packages

    • Multiple report delivery options

    • Quick turnaround

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  • Customized Flexibility (The Right Fit) - We don't just preach staffing service flexibility. We perform it every day for every client. Unlike other staffing companies, we don't ask you to do business our way. We adjust to your unique and specific needs. We'll customize a recruitment package allowing you to select screening, background/reference checking, fingerprinting testing services and more that mirror the exact requirements your company seeks. And we're positioned to do it quickly, on time and on budget.

For further information please contact:
Burt Parks
RBA Staffing – Manager
150 State Street, Suite 400
Rochester, NY 14614
Phone: 585.256.4639
Fax: 585.482.9021


At the Rochester Business Alliance, our job is to help businesses grow. As the regional chamber of commerce, we help employers build stronger, more efficient businesses. We connect companies and organizations in the Rochester region to expertise, information and networking opportunities to expand customer and supply chain networks. Business is a vital part of any community, and through our advocacy, the Rochester Business Alliance helps its member companies and their employees stay connected to the issues as well as to the people who can make a difference. We're raising awareness of issues affecting our economy, engaging local, state and federal leaders in meaningful debate and speaking out on what matters most to employers and employees - the ability to create and retain jobs.


The Rochester Business Alliance, the regional chamber of commerce, will create value for its members by delivering important business services and by advocating for an environment essential for member success and growth. As the voice of business for the region, our positions will be broadly supported by the business community, powerfully presented and adopted by local and state government entities. Our services delivered will be best-in-class and consistently meet or exceed expectations. We are inclusive, reflecting the changing marketplace and workforce. We encourage and participate in strategic economic, business and career development.

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