Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

Rocky Brands competes in the competitive race for quality candidates by diversifying their strategy

"Working with CareerBuilder has been fantastic. They are right on top of things and available to answer my questions and provide pointers and ideas to make my recruiting efforts more effective and efficient. As a result, the quality and quantity of applicants has considerably increased while our recruitment costs have significantly decreased."
- Kimberly Shepler, Corporate Recruiter & Compensation Manager
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Pro Cleaning Building Maintenance competes in the competitive race for service candidates

"We feel is an effective way to advertise your open positions and brand your company. The pre-screening function has allowed us to maintain a qualified applicant database that we can reach out to when there are positions to fill. Additionally, everyone we have worked with has been great and quick to respond. Pro Clean has seen a reduction in initial recruitment spent, but an increase in applicant flow."
- Don Zerivitz, President
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St. Moritz Security Services competes in the competitive race for candidates by diversifying their strategy

"The CFO and President are very happy with From a financial perspective, we've had substantial costs reductions while providing access to lots of qualified resumes with just a click of a mouse. allowed us to use one media for recruitment and save us significant time and effort."
- Greg Barr, Controller
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First State Bank competes in the competitive race for candidates by diversifying its strategy

" is an effective way to advertise your open positions. By extending its recruitment efforts online with, we’ve seen a significant increase in the quality and quantity of applicants. As a result, we are able to fill our positions quickly with the right candidates. Additionally, the individuals we've worked with at are wonderful. They are friendly and quick to assist us."
- Lacey Rush, Human Resources
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Customer Quotes

"The best thing about is the attentiveness of our rep. He's called back, offered suggestions, and stayed on top of our account. That's huge for smaller employers, or people in locations like me, because we need that "bell-ringer" to keep you motivated to keep you on track. And he's been very good about that."
- Linda Graham, Human Resources Director
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"We found that by using we were able to build our business quicker, retaining more qualified employees. The Information Technology industry is very fast paced and constantly changing, so it is very important to keep our business up to speed with it. By using resume database, I always have someone qualified on hand to call when I need them."
- Barry Goldstein, President and CEO
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"If we use this last round of hires as an example, we were able to find about a 20% increase in candidates with experience. They almost didn't need training. We typically do two to three weeks of training. When you hire someone who only needs one week training instead of 3, that's about a 70% savings!"
- John Anderson, VP of Sales and Marketing
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"The newspapers were giving us too many C level candidates. By switching to we were getting a more A and B candidates and little to no C candidates. This allowed us to make faster hires. At times, we would get new resumes only 20 minutes after we posted our job. This allows us to make the best use of our time and allows our company to grow faster."
- Mike Earl
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