Talent Network

Fill Your Pipeline with the Best and Brightest Candidates From All Over the Web

What if, with the click of a button that existed on sites all over the Web, potential employees could join your talent network, stay keyed into your available job opportunities, and get personalized alerts with jobs at your company that most match their interests and experience?

Welcome to Talent Network, a custom, search engine-optimized career site leveraging CareerBuilder's proprietary research and reach, that helps you foster candidate relationships via exclusive invitations and referrals and connect and engage with candidates at various stages of the applicant life cycle.

A talent network is an "always-on" recruiting engine that accomplishes SEO (so you don't have to) and leverages popular destinations for candidates like recruitment sites and social networking sites to match the right candidates to your open positions and help you build a pipeline of active and passive candidates for your current and future openings.


  • Capture relevant passive candidates who visit your Talent Network site before they get away.
  • Boost your SEO rankings and get your jobs in front of more candidates in search engine results, as CareerBuilder interprets your job descriptions and plants the seeds necessary for candidates to find you.
  • Enjoy seamless integration: We have expertise and experience integrating with more than 200 different ATS providers to make Talent Network a seamless part of your integration solution.
  • Increase applicant conversions without lifting a finger: The most relevant jobs are shown to visitors and automatically sent as new candidate matches are discovered.
  • Measure your ROI for candidates generated through SEO, job distribution and social media versus other candidate acquisition efforts with our unbiased analytics reports.
  • Take advantage of increased portability: We automatically create a mobile version of your Talent Network page, giving candidates who are on the go and on their mobile devices the opportunity to connect with you.

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Need advice or have questions about our solutions? Call us!

1-877-FILL-A-JOB (1-877-345-5256).

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