Job Branding

Make Your First Impression on Candidates Count

Strengthen your employment brand while giving candidates an enriched job search experience with Job Branding. Job Branding gives you the opportunity to customize your Job Postings and make a candidate's experience with your company more unique, personal and interactive. As Job Postings are typically the first thing a candidate sees when searching for a job, Job Branding is your first chance to make a favorable—and lasting—impression with candidates.

  • Basic Job Branding is a great way to ease into branding your Job Postings and gain more job seeker attention. Basic Job Branding adds a custom, branded header to your Job Posting and eliminates most ads from your Job Posting page, improving the job seeker experience and helping you stand apart from the competition.
  • Get started now for only 25% the cost of your job posting.

  • Standard Job Branding is for those who want a little more customization. With three fully branded page templates to choose from, ways for candidates to connect with you on social media, and a banner-free page, this option is for those with the desire for a more interactive experience. (Please contact your CareerBuilder sales rep for more information or to purchase Standard Job Branding.)
  • Premium Job Branding This option not only includes all the perks of the two options above, but also gives you a fully customized experience, as our award-winning designers work with you to create a completely unique and animated job design. Also enjoy a custom "Apply Now" button on your page. (Please contact your CareerBuilder sales rep for more information or to purchase Premium Job Branding.)

All levels of Job Branding include:

  • The opportunity to stand out from the crowd and separate your Job Posting from your competition by designing a Job Posting that reflects your unique brand and culture.
  • A way to offer candidates a more positive and interactive experience with your company in the initial application stages, encouraging them to connect more deeply with your company and apply.
  • A consistently branded design that helps you send a clear and compelling message to candidates about what it's really like to work for your company.
Features Basic Standard Premium
Branded header
Social media engagement options  
"Follow this Company" button  
Fully branded page  
Animated design    
Custom "Apply Now" button    
Job highlighted on job results page    
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