Health Care Partners

Modern Healthcare -
Modern Healthcare is the industry's leading source of healthcare business news. As a weekly news-driven publication, they report on important healthcare events and trends as they happen. powers their career channel.
Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) -
The Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) is the national association of nonprofit Visiting Nurse Agencies (VNAs) and home healthcare providers who care for and treat approximately 4 million patients annually. Their mission is to support, promote and advance the nation’s network of VNAs who provide cost-effective and compassionate home healthcare to some of the nation’s most vulnerable individuals. powers their career channel.
American Medical Women's Association -
The American Medical Women's Association is an organization which functions at the local, national, and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women's health. The association achieves this by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, education, expertise, mentoring, and strategic alliances through its website and publications. The site offers members and curious visitors information about medical education, meetings and events, awards, advocacy opportunities and more. The association's vision is to empower women to lead in improving health for all within a model that reflects the unique perspective of women.
The Student Doctor Network -
The Student Doctor Network is a nonprofit organization of thousands of pre-health, health professional students and practicing doctors from across the United States and Canada. powers their career channel.
National Pharmacy Technician Association -
NPTA, the National Pharmacy Technician Association, is the world's largest professional organization established specifically for pharmacy technicians. The association is dedicated to advancing the value of pharmacy technicians and the vital roles they play in pharmaceutical care. In a society of countless associations, we believe it takes much more than a mission statement to meet the professional needs and provide the needed leadership for the pharmacy technician profession - it takes action and results. powers their career channel.
Arkansas Medical News -
Arkansas Medical News offers professional healthcare news for Arkasas. powers their career channel.
Association of Indian Pharmacists in America -
Birmingham Medical News -
Birmingham Medical News offers healthcare news for physicians and medical professionals in Birmingham, AL. powers their career channel.
Bronx County Medical Society -
The members of the Bronx County Medical Society will continue to play important roles in the borough's hospitals and teaching institutions. It will continue to provide the same exemplary health care to the people in the Bronx as it did when the Society was established in 1914. powers their career channel. - is an online resource for those interested in becoming a certified nursing assistant. This site offers information on training, classes, certification and more. powers their career channel.
CRNA Career Guide -
CRNA Career Guide is an online tool for those interested in pursuing a nurse znesthetist career. This site offers information on CRNA programs and job search. powers their career channel.
Doctors Lounge -
The Doctors Lounge is one of the most popular online medical resources for physicians, students and allied clinical professionals. It provides both clinical and technical information through multimedia tutorials and other study aids. Both patients and professionals can seek answers to medical questions via the public discussion boards. powers their career channel.
East Tennessee Medical News -
East Tennesee Medical News provides professional healthcare news for the East TN area. powers their career channel.
Eldercare Professionals of Ohio -
Eldercare Professionals of Ohio, LLC is dedicated to comprehensive development for professionals serving the needs of elderly clients and their caregivers. powers their career channel. - is a medical website, which educates clinicians on various industry topics. Claiming to be the "Clinician's Ultimate Reference", this site covers an array of industry topics such as: renal dosing, IV dilutions, health topics, drug tables, drug search, infectious disease as well as medline search. This informational portal offers industry regulations and more. The site answers medical questions and provides numerous databases specific to medical drugs. Hospital workers as well as medical students will benefit from powers their career channel.
iPsychotherapist - is an informational website for psychotherapists, patients, and students. The site features sections on networking, newsletter, directories and resources. Among its resources, iPsychotherapist features infomation abot diseases, disorders, psychiatric illnesses, clinical resources for children, adolescents, adults and seniors. This site will inform psychotherapists about current issues in their industry and allow them to chat with their peers. is advertised on this site.
Louisiana Medical News -
Louisiana Medical News offers healthcare news for physicians and medical professionals in Louisiana. powers their career channel.
MedCareerFinder -
MedCareerFinder is an online resource for those in the field of healthcare. This site offers information on career paths, training, job search and more. powers their career channel. - brings physicians and medical groups together with thousands of talented local medical transcriptionists. also offers tools such as a digital phone-in system, sample formats and contracts, reference and training materials, and professional guidance in the medical transcription industry. powers their career channel.
Memphis Medical news -
Memphis Medical News provides healthcare news for Memphis, TN. powers their career channel.
Mississippi Medical News -
Mississippi Medical News provides healthcare news for physicians and medical professionals in Mississippi. powers their career channel.
Nashville Medical News -
Nashville Medical News offers professional healthcare news for Nashville, TN. powers their career channel.
Nurses Lounge -
Nurses Lounge is a professional network for nurses. This network provides nurse employers, schools and associations with the ability to create groups and successfully communicate news, announcements and events seamlessly to their members. - allows job seekers to search for careers in the healthcare industry. Job seekers can search for jobs, post resumes and even get help with cover letters and resumes. powers their career channel.
OC Healthcare News and Directory -
OC Healthcare News and Directory is dedicated to the belief that the most significant way to create and maintain a healthy society is by educating and informing the public, while promoting an environment of cooperation and involvement between healthcare providers and patients. Their goal is to empower the public so that they can make well-informed decisions about their healthcare providers. powers their career channel.
Orlando Medical News -
Orlando Medical News provides healthcare news for physicians and medical professionals in the Orlando, FL area. powers their career channel.
Pharmcast -
Pharmcast offers Pharmaceutical and Biotech information along with job opportunities, newsletters, links and more. powers their career channel.
PsychDirectory -
PsychDirectory is a global directory of various psych-related services and resources. As one of the oldest psych-related sites on the Internet, PsychDirectory indexes hundreds of resources on psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, social work, etc. powers their career channel. - is a place for police, firefighters, paramedics and emergency management to get current news, videos, and training information. powers their career channel.
RN Today -
RN Today is an online resource for nurses. This site offers helpful articles, tips for traveling nurses, and more. powers their career center.
Society for Vascular Nursing -
The Society for Vascular Nursing is a not-for-profit International association dedicated to promoting excellence in the compassionate and comprehensive management of persons with vascular disease. The Society's focus is on providing quality education, fostering clinical expertise, and supporting nursing research.
St. Louis Medical News -
St. Louis Medical News is a resource for professional healthcare news for the St. Louis, MO area. powers their career channel.
Tampa Medical News -
Tampa Medical News offers healthcare news for physicians and medical professionals in Tampa, FL. powers their career channel.
West Tennessee Medical News -
West Tennessee Medical News offers healthcare news for physicians and medical professionals in West TN. powers their career channel.

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