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Silver Fern

Sales - Marketing

While there are many factors that have led to our success, the vast majority of credit must go to our people. We believe that if face to face is the most effective format, then our faces need to be the best in the business. Associates go through extensive training in sales, marketing, business development, and leadership. In addition to learning how to target the customers of their clients, they also learn the ins and outs of business management. This training is essential for not only individual growth but the overall growth of the organization. When people are challenged to keep learning, they get better. A fundamental core value at Silver Fern is that this road of improvement is an endless one and that this relentless pursuit of excellence will be what definitively separates us from our competition.

The   core belief at SilverFern is internal advancement. There is only one   way to become part of our company. Everyone in the organization has   started with the company at the entry level Account Manager position and   any additional promotions were due to a demonstrable level of success   that merited advancement to roles of greater responsibility and scope.   We understand that we will lose the interest of many people because they   will not start at an entry level position.  We fundamentally believe   that humility is a key aspect of success, and all of our associates   possess this valuable trait,  We reward that precious humility with an   interesting and exciting aspect: there is no seniority at any level.    Control of one's advancement is placed entirely into the hands of the   people that desire to ultimately have careers in top management.  We   work tirelessly to ensure that the people who earn advancement will   always have positions waiting for them as they ascend the corporate   ladder. Whether it ranges from Account Managers all the way up to   Campaign Managers, there is a clearly communicated exchange of   expectations that is articulated from the first day of orientation all   the way to promotion and expansion into other markets. The expectations   are as follows:  
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1. Compliance - our clients have very specific rules and regulations   regarding who they will allow to represent them. SilverFern strictly   adheres and enforces these rules and is not very compassionate to   individuals who desire not to follow them.

2. Commitment - employees are expected to come to work to do precisely   that, work. We give our account managers enormous amounts of   independence in the day to day management of the job. The individuals   who are committed to providing their best effort and also strive to   improve, learn, and train at their utmost ability will be the ones who   will truly flourish and grow.  3. Belief - people must understand that   the work and effort that they place early on in their careers will   dictate and determine how the end of their careers will be considered.   That the payoff for their hard work and dedication early on in their   career will result in the ability to provide not only for themselves,   but also take care of the people that are important to them in their   lives. 

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1. Structure - it   is our responsibility to ensure that we provide an environment where   people are able to work in a safe, efficient, and prosperous manner.   Account Managers need to feel they have the tools at hand to work   efficiently.

2. Coaching/Mentorship - advancement isn't an easy process in any arena of   life, but especially difficult in business. SilverFern provides   continuous coaching and mentorship on a daily basis and constructs   personal development goals for each and every one of its employees.

3. Growth Opportunities - SilverFern enjoys the enviable problem of   having more growth opportunities than managers to fill these roles.   However, we must and will grow responsibly and only create managers that   have demonstrably proven competence in all aspects of our system.  If   our employees advance in the correct manner, we WILL provide an   opportunity for management.  Account Manager This entry level position   is the one at that every single individual will be introduced to   SilverFern. Account Managers will be assigned a territory that they are   responsible for acquiring customers for our clients. This critical role   is where people will learn our system, learn about advanced sales   techniques and concepts, and most importantly, understand our core   value: sales conducted with integrity and honesty.

“Excellence   is an art won by training and habituation.  We do not act rightly   because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because   we have acted rightly.  We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then,   is not an act but a habit.” - Aristotle

Training   SilverFern provides initial training on client product knowledge,   territory management, and procedural and operational needs. After   advancement, the company will also provide training on the following   areas: Interviewing - How to effectively conduct various kinds of   interviews and identifying the best people Training - Teaching others is   extremely important at MLW and account managers who show the   willingness to learn this critical skill set will work on a daily basis   in honing and perfecting this ability Team Management - Leadership isn't   born, it is developed. Leading by example is the only format of   leadership we apply here. Teaching people how to become leaders is the   most important priority in employee development.
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