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Our light industrial and light clerical staffing division is our foundational business and has been the driving force behind our 1200%+ growth rate from 2001 to 2011. This is our flag ship division currently representing 85% of our overall business.

High-Volume Staffing – We understand that JIT manufacturing demands JIT staffing. Our clients know they can get 20 to 200 temporary associates with a 2 to 8 hour notice.

Mid-Skill Temp to Hire – When skill-set and longevity are the priority we customize our recruiting and screening process to ensure our partnering clients have the employee edge.

Hybrid Solution – The unique solution for your company probably involves both facets of our temporary business. Our nimble corporate structure and innovative mindset ensure we can develop and execute a staffing program which addresses your specific needs.


People are not a commodity, they are a responsibility

Ōnin Staffing endeavors to stand out in the staffing industry. It is our belief that in order to stand out we must invest in and when possible inspire our temporary workforce. While our competitors are cutting temp benefits, we are adding them..

  • Vacation Pay – It takes our full-time temporary associates less than a year to earn a week of (unbilled) paid vacation.
  • Holiday Pay – Our temporary associates are eligible for paid holidays after 1200 hours.
  • Medical / Dental Benefits – The Onin Health Exchange makes available dozens of different coverage options, ranging from affordable mini-meds to robust major medical plans. The Onin Group's exchange experts, licensed in all 50 states, help temporary associates pick the right coverage regardless of preexisting condition or budget. Tax savings on these plans (for qualified individuals) can equal thousands per year.
  • Endeavōr Scholarship – This year we have set aside $10,000 in educational scholarship money for our long-term associates and their families.
  • Wellness Clinics – This summer and fall we are conducting free mobile wellness clinics at the busiest offices across the country.
  • The Pledge – "The Pledge" is a 5-point promise made to our temporary associates, which, in summary, states that our staff will interact with them with a heart of service. "The Pledge" is hung conspicuously in each office and is an operational compass for our office staff.

Treating people right is just the right thing to do. Last year, we gave back to the temporary associates 9.88% of gross profit in the form of vacation pay, holiday pay, unbilled training, bonuses, wellness services and medical benefit administration. This year, we will increase our temporary employee investment to over 10% of gross profit.