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Employer Quick Look

Marc Community Resources

Healthcare - Health Services, Social Services, Not for Profit - Charitable
500 - 1,000 employees  |  

Marc Community Resources, is a private not-for-profit corporation, provides educational, therapeutic, rehabilitation and social services to children and adults with developmental, physical and mental disabilities. Since 1957, Marc Community Resources has continued to evolve and reinvent itself to adapt to changes in the political, social and economic environments. Through all of these changes, we have remained committed to the principles defined by Marc’s original founding families. We take great pride in being able to state, that as an organization, we represent yesterday's values, today’s services and tomorrow's vision. From a strategic perspective as we look to Marc's future, we know that we will again have to adapt to new and more complex challenges. Today we serve approximately 3,200 clients and by 2013 that number will increase to at least 5,000 individuals. Marc Community Resources's operating budget is expected to expand from $21 million to over $35 million by 2013. This growth will also result in the doubling of the transportation fleet, significant increases in the number of employees and at least doubling the number of community living sites. These locations will have to evolve to serve clients who are older and clients who will have increased special needs. As an agency that plans to continue to provide services for another 50 years, Marc Community Resources has implemented the strategic process to build an appropriate management infrastructure that will be capable of leading the agency into the future. These actions will provide stability for our current and future clients. We remain committed to never forget that we exist to serve the needs of those with disabilities.

  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Recovery Support Services
  • Vocational Services
  • In Home Support Services 
  • Community Living Services
  • Residential Services 
  • Employment Related Services
Our Mission

Marc Community Resources provides opportunities for people with disabilities to be actively involved in determining where and how they live, learn, work and play.