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Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital

Healthcare - Health Services
10,000 - 25,000 employees  |  

As the first new hospital to be built in more than 25 years in Illinois, Adventist Bolingbrook offers:

  • The latest technological advances

  • Highly skilled, patient-oriented nurses and doctors

  • A family-friendly environment with private, family-oriented patient rooms designed for comfort and ease.

The all private bed hospital specializes in:
  • Cardiac care, where expert doctors use high technology to help hearts stay healthy

  • Imaging Services, all new diagnostic tools of unprecedented accuracy, including digital X-ray, mammography, PACS radiology systems and MRIs.

  • Women’s Care Center, the latest amenities designed to nurture moms and babies, including a Maternal Fetal Center.

  • Outpatient Services (HealthPAS), a friendly, efficient resource for ambulatory care

  • Pain Treatment and Management, meeting the needs of adult and geriatric patients

  • Surgical Services, traditional and minimally-invasive procedures performed in state-of-the-art operating rooms

  • Interventional Radiology


Advance Your Career with Adventist Midwest Health At Adventist Midwest Health, we’re committed to advancing your career. Our system includes a partnership of physicians, hospitals and related healthcare services. It's our mission to provide superior health care with Christian compassion and thoughtful service. Apply today and be among the best in health care.

We Offer

Emergency Care
Our Level II Trauma Center includes 20 exam rooms, two specialized trauma rooms and a Children’s Emergency Room.

Intensive Care
Our ICU provides high-tech care in a comfortable environment.

Electronic medical records
EMR enable physicians and patients to efficiently track health histories.

A university-level hospital right in your own community, Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital can meet the healthcare needs of your entire family.

My hospital is Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital, and so is yours.


Medical Coverage

Adventist Midwest Health offers a Self-Funded Medical Plan with greatest coverage when using Adventist Midwest Health facilities. The PPO plan administrator and network are Cigna/Open Access Plus ONLY.  A Prescription Drug Benefit is part of the plan and discounts are available through the out-patient pharmacy at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital.

Dental Insurance

Choose a Managed Care Plan or Preferred Provider Option through Delta Dental.

Vision Care

Reimbursement of up to $750/year on all vision related expenses. 

Cancer Protection

Supplemental benefit plan offering coverage for you and your family in the event of cancer and other specified diseases.

Educational Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement is available after one year of employment for work or health care-related undergraduate or graduate study or national certifications. Part-time employees are eligible for up to $1,750/year, full-time employees up to $3,500/year.  In addition, a BSN completion program is offered to all AMH nurses through Adventist Hinsdale Hospital and Elmhurst College.

Paid Days Off

Rather than providing employees a specific number of vacation, holiday and sick days, Adventist Midwest Health uses an all-encompassing "Paid Days Off" program. This is available immediately. The rate of accrual, starting at 8%, is determined by an employee's years of service with Adventist Midwest Health.

Retirement Plan

Adventist Midwest Health maintains an excellent retirement program for its eligible employees. The plan, called the Adventist Healthcare Retirement Plan (AHRP), provides for annual cash contributions of 2.6% of total pay to employee accounts. Adventist Midwest Health also matches at 50% the first 4% of funds that you voluntarily contribute to the plan. You may choose among 30 different mutual funds for investing the money in your retirement account. The Plan’s vesting requirement is five years (1 year = 1000 paid hours) of vesting service. In addition to the AHRP, voluntary Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) programs are available through AIG Retirement, providing you with even more investment opportunities as you plan for retirement.


Free on-site parking is available to all employees.

Credit Union

A variety of financial services are available to employees through Salt Creek Credit Union, including checking accounts, payroll deduction savings, low interest rate loans and CDs.

Direct Deposit

Paychecks are deposited directly into a checking and/or savings account as designated by the employee.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Free referral services and 5 counseling sessions are available to employees and their family members through an offsite EAP provider. Personal, professional assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, employees may access information and resources at any time by using the EAP's website.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts enable you to pay for qualifying medical/dental/vision or dependent care expenses with tax-free dollars. Claims are processed weekly and direct deposit is available.

Life Insurance

Life insurance equal to 1x annual base pay is provided to full-time employees and paid by Adventist Midwest Health. Supplemental employee and dependent coverage is also available at low group rates. Eligible part-time employees may also purchase life coverage.

Long Term Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability Insurance is provided to full-time employees and paid by Adventist Midwest Health. The policy replaces 60% of monthly base pay after 180 days.

Workers' Compensation

Medical care and partial replacement of wages for on-the-job injuries is available through Workers' Compensation insurance. This benefit is paid for entirely by Adventist Midwest Health.