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Trilogy Health Services LLC

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Trilogy Health Services, formed in 1997, started as a simple but innovative vision - to provide housing and healthcare services to older adults by combining adult day health, assisted living and skilled nursing services on one campus. Our vision continues and we strive each day to set the standard for maximizing the quality of life and dignity of older adults.

Often we refer to our concept to assist older adults as "Aging in Place." Simply stated, the Trilogy Continuum Model allows residents to continue to live in a campus environment as long as they choose to do so. When a resident's care needs change, we provide the appropriate setting and level of care that enable individuals to reach their highest functional level. And we do so while preserving each person's dignity and sense of well being.


Working in Long Term Care

As America's elderly population continues to grow, there is an increasing need for health care professionals in long term care. The dedicated individuals who work in long term care facilities enrich the quality of life for their residents through a team centered approach to care. If you are looking for a way to truly make a difference in someone's life, then you should consider a career in long term care.

Working at Trilogy

Employment at Trilogy Health Services is more than just a job. It's an opportunity for professional and personal growth. When you join the team at Trilogy, you work with dedicated healthcare professionals who extend a spirit of caring to our residents and co-workers alike. Begin advancing your career today and enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes from working in a compassionate, progressive environment.

For more information about employment opportunities at Trilogy Health Services, contact our Home Office at 502-412-5847, or email:


“I am very proud to work at Bethany Pointe. This is my home away from home. Staff and residents are my extended family. Our Executive Director and Director of Health Services are very supportive, caring and understanding, as well as great leaders. I will retire from here...”

“I love this health campus, it is a great place to work — all of us get along well and we share common goals and aspirations.”

“I like working at WoodBridge because the residents have become like family to me... It is great just to come into work here”

“Lakeland is a great place to work. Everyone is very kind and caring and that’s what makes it a great place to work along with my wonderful residents!”


Trilogy campuses offer a wide array of services ranging from adult day services and assisted living to skilled nursing and memory care services. The layout and design of our campuses allow maximum flexibility in delivering a continuum of care to residents with diverse medical or elder care needs.

Adult Day Services

Our Adult Day Services provide an alternative for seniors who don't need skilled nursing care but require more social interaction than home health care can provide. The program offers a range of therapeutic and medical services designed to promote the independence of participants and provide respite to families and caregivers

Independent Living

Independent Living eliminates the headaches of home ownership, by preserving your independence and freedom, while allowing you to enjoy your active lifestyle to the fullest.
The staff of our Independent Living Villas provide assistance with the day to day tasks of home ownership that can become burdensome or undesired and interfere with carefree living. To ensure that emergency medical help is available should you need it, pendants are provided for emergency situations and are monitored on-site 24 hours per day.

A month-to-month lease with a small security deposit allows flexibility should your needs change. All utilities except phone and cable are included in the low monthly rent. In addition the rent includes all repair and maintenance, inside and out. Appliances are also included (washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, microwave), as well as twice monthly housekeeping.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living Services combine comfortable living with gracious hospitality and quality health services to make sure you receive all the comforts of home and more. There are four wellness care levels available for our assisted living residents. These wellness levels provide a range of care options from moderate to comprehensive assistance incrementally priced depending on the necessary services provided. The appropriate wellness care level is determined for each resident and an individual management assessment is conducted by our admissions team. All residents receive personal, individualized care and assistance on a daily basis.

Skilled Nursing

Home-like setting, state-of-the-art features, and a committed professional staff are just part of what we offer residents through our skilled nursing services. Physical, medical, social, and spiritual needs are carefully considered in the design of our care programs. We do our best to serve the total person - recognizing that we care for unique individuals, each with their own set of wants, needs, beliefs, and expectations.

Transitional Care offers transitional care for those who are well enough to leave an acute care setting, but may require some support and assistance before they are ready to return to independent living. Our short-stay units are dedicated to prepare patients and their families for the transition to home or assisted living in our residential care facility.

Long-Term Care is designed for patients who, due to a chronic illness or compromised medical condition, require around-the-clock nursing care services. Our skilled nursing center offers a full range of nursing and medical care to meet individual patient needs. Working with the patients and physician, our staff - including medical specialists, rehabilitation specialists, nurses, nutritionists, dietitians, and social workers - establishes a comprehensive treatment plan intended to restore the patient to their fullest potential.

Memory Care

The Memory Care Program has been designed specifically to provide comfort and security in a home-like environment to seniors with Alzheimer's disease or other memory impairments. Our program supports each resident's existing capabilities while reaffirming dignity and self-esteem. Every aspect of the Memory Care Program has been designed to meet the special needs of the memory-impaired resident.

Special attention has been given to physical building layout, safety and decor. The facility is decorated to provide a soothing, calming atmosphere. The unit boasts a private dining and recreation area that is dedicated to the special needs of the residents. Modified activity and food service programs focus on preferences, abilities and most importantly, maintaining independence.

Our staff is specially recruited and trained to handle the specialized needs of the residents. Our program coordinator is dedicated to overseeing the day-to-day operations of the unit.
The program philosophy of the Memory Care Program aligns closely with that of the Alzheimer's Association's Guidelines for Dignity. A primary element of the programming is the concept of "personalized" care to meet each resident's specific needs. This concept of customizing services to meet the needs of the residents begins with the admission process, where the staff, the resident, the resident's family and the attending physician all play a role in determining the resident's needs and develop a detailed plan of care.

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