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Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of the sanofi-aventis Group, in the USA is a leader in the research, development, manufacture, marketing and sales of vaccines and immunological products because here we clearly see a better tomorrow for all mankind. We have a wide range of vaccines that protect against 20 diseases, but we believe there is still much work to be done. Our vision is a world in which no one suffers or dies from a vaccine-preventable disease. And as part of a larger a subsidiary of Sanofi Aventis, the global pharmaceutical corporation, we have access to the resources needed to continue our boundary-breaking innovations far into the future. Our Swiftwater, Pennsylvania, site is located within the scenic Pocono Mountains, and housed in state-of-the-art facilities on a 9500- plus acre campus. It is here that our multidisciplinary teams of 2300+ professionals work together to develop and provide new and improved immunological products. Sanofi Pasteur in Swiftwater is the company’s only comprehensive US site, and only one of the company’s six main production sites in the world. For those who wish to make a difference in the world by aiding in the development, production, marketing, or support of vaccines that are critically important to public health, sanofi pasteur offers superb opportunities. Our modern research, production and administrative facility attracts exceptional talent from businesses and universities around the world. Our location offers our people the best of outdoor living close to the cultural, culinary and recreational attractions of Philadelphia and New York City. Sanofi Pasteur US is a place for those who desire a challenging and rewarding career without compromising their quality of life. If you have the passion, desire, ambition, vision and talent we’re looking for, we invite you to explore our opportunities and to apply online at:
Our commitment A strong corporate commitment As a worldwide leader in vaccines, sanofi pasteur is committed to the protection and improvement of human health throughout the world by creating superior immunological products for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases and cancers. Historically, we have always been a force in global public health. For example, we have traditionally been one of UNICEF's largest vaccine suppliers, as well as being a regular contributor to various humanitarian relief efforts through donations of vaccines. However, in order for access to healthcare to be sustainable, our contributions need to go beyond donations and corporate philanthropic programs. Where possible and where we have competencies, sanofi pasteur prefers to establish lasting solutions to disease management and preferred pricing options in partnership with stakeholders. These include healthcare professionals, governments, research institutions, associations and Non-Governmental Organizations. We are actively involved in numerous public and private partnerships, which are outlined in the following web pages. We believe that our commitment to the Global Alliance for Vaccines Immunization (GAVI), the World Health Organization's Global Polio Eradication Initiative, the immunization training in Africa with EPIVAC and the sanofi pasteur HIV vaccine research are crucial steps towards building a world where healthcare is accessible and sustainable. Sanofi pasteur, as a leading global vaccine manufacturer, has a role to play in these alliances, to the degree that we can contribute in meaningful way. Access to healthcare is a pressing issue in the global community, shared by developing and developed countries alike. However, provision of affordable healthcare for all people is a responsibility of all of society, and no single party can shoulder the responsibility completely. We believe that solutions are to be found in public-private partnerships and honest, open cooperation between all stakeholders. We have met that challenge in the past and will do so in the future. David J. Williams Chairman, President and CEO of sanofi pasteur Committed to Public Health
  • Sanofi pasteur is a key partner in the Global Alliance for Vaccines & Immunization (GAVI) whose objective is to ensure the protection of every child against vaccine-preventable diseases.
  • Sanofi pasteur has contributed massively to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. By the end of 2005, we will have donated 120 million doses of oral polio vaccine.
  • In the context of bioterrorism risks, sanofi pasteur has been a key partner in giving access to smallpox vaccine to several governments.
Our Vision is of a world in which no one suffers or dies from a vaccine-preventable disease. Our Mission is to protect and improve human health worldwide by providing superior, innovative vaccines for the prevention and treatment of disease and by playing an active role in the Immunization Community to maximize vaccination. Our Values Sanofi pasteur, the vaccines business of sanofi-aventis Group, is the largest company in the world devoted entirely to vaccines. Being a part of sanofi-aventis means having these qualities: Audacity, means... Setting ambitious objectives - being able to take risks in one's sphere of competencies and responsibility, Capitalizing on opportunities and "windfalls", Being able to progress in the face of uncertainty, Being able to delegate and encourage one's team to take initiatives, Developing team competencies, coaching and giving team members practical experience. Respect, is... Listening and analyzing before acting, Displaying integrity, Being a role model, Allowing team members to experiment and make mistakes, Adapting one's management style to each individual employee. Creativity, means... Imagining new processes, innovative organizations and solutions, Contributing new and effective ideas, Being open-minded in order to make headway, Always striving to do better with originality, Promoting diversity in one's team. Courage, means... Deciding and managing changes essential for performance, Recognizing one's mistakes and rectifying them, Standing up for one's position vis-a-vis the environment and management, Communicating openly with team members about their shortcomings… and their assets, Setting objectives and providing the means to attain them, Being able to handle conflict, Accepting not being in total control Solidarity, means... Endorsing and carrying out acts of solidarity promoted by the Group, Deciding and acting while respecting the global interests of the Group, Cooperating and working across boundaries, Developing team spirit, Promoting employee development, even when it is not in one's own interest, Helping and sustaining employees in difficulty. Performance, Providing meaning and global coherence to diverse and wide-ranging activities, Ensuring the short, mid and long term performance of one's entity while respecting company values, Ensuring the performance of one's entity in order to guarantee the Group's performance, Creating and developing added value in one's actions.

Sanofi pasteur is the vaccine division of the sanofi-aventis Group. Our industrial organization In terms of industrial organization, our strategy is defined on a global basis and then adapted and implemented locally. The production of our vaccines is managed globally and ensured through multi-site production, which makes it possible to diversify our sources of supply. This organization is better for customers because it reduces the risk of supply issues. Fruitful synergies between the sites Sanofi pasteur has four major production sites: in France in Marcy-l'Étoile (near Lyon) and Val-de-Reuil (near Rouen), in the US in Swiftwater, Pennsylvania and in Canada in Toronto. Over the past few years, the company has also developed new production sites in China, Thailand, and Argentina. Each of these production facilities has its own specific characteristics, fostering synergies. The diversification of resources for the supply of vaccines is an advantage for customers since it means there is a reliable supply of vaccine to meet demand. It also represents greater efficiency on the market. Mastering the cold chain In order to be effective, vaccines must be maintained at the right temperature from production through administration. Specific storage and transport conditions must be carefully observed. The oral polio vaccine, for example, must be kept at - 20° C. Sanofi pasteur's expertise in this field is unrivaled and represents a unique competitive advantage internationally, the result of the company's experience in more than 150 countries. We have developed a comprehensive cold chain management system, which enables our packages to maintain the correct temperature under any delivery conditions. Investing to increase capacity To meet steadily growing demand, sanofi pasteur has made substantial investments in recent years. From 1997 to 2001, the company invested 50% more than during the five previous years. In 2002, we launched a program to invest over 255 million euros in our production capacity in France and the United States, where we also began construction work on important new research buildings. In recent years, the sums devoted to capital investments have reached nearly 10% of our company's revenues. Our objective is to optimize production capacities to meet demand, which is expected to double by 2010. We want to be the first to be able to meet customer needs globally with a reliable supply of quality vaccines.