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In-Terminal Services.

In-Terminal Services is a leading provider of rail intermodal terminal services, including lift-on/lift-off of containers, auto loading/unloading, checkpoint administration, drayage and switching.

We handle more than 6 million lifts annually at more than 50 facilities across the U.S. and Mexico and have long-standing customer relationships with all major North American railroads, including BNSF, CN, CSX, KCS, KCSM, MIT, NS, TC and UP.

Safety is of the utmost importance at In-Terminal Services and is continually stressed at all levels of the organization.This is the Overview section, meant to give Job Seekers a brief description of your company. We recommend this section because it is one of the top areas that Job Seekers want to learn about when researching a new company.

Rail Terminal Operations
Auto Loading/Unloading through our subsidiary company, American Auto Works (AAW)
Contract Switching
Lift Equipment, Tractor, Trailer and Chassis Maintenance