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Employer Quick Look

Dignity Health - Medical Foundation

HQ: Belmont, CA   |  
Dignity Health Medical Foundation (Dignity HealthMF), established in 1993, is affiliated with Dignity Health - the eighth largest hospital system in the nation, with 40 hospitals and medical centers in California, Arizona and Nevada. Today, Dignity HealthMF works hand-in-hand with medical groups throughout northern California to provide comprehensive healthcare services to the many communities we serve.

As Dignity HealthMF continues to grow, establishing new premier medical groups, we provide increasing support and investment in the latest technologies, finest physicians and state-of-the-art medical facilities. We strive to create purposeful work settings where staff can provide great care, while advancing in knowledge and experience through challenging work assignments and stimulating relationships. Our staff is well-trained and highly skilled, qualities that are vital to maintaining excellence in care and service.
As a multi-specialty group practice, we offer a wide range of clinical career opportunities. Some of our clinical positions include: Registered Nurses Licensed Vocational Nurses Medical Assistants Medical Office Representatives Certified Ophthalmic Assistants Radiological Technologist Mental Health Counselors Health Information Clerks

In addition to employing one of the area's best clinical staffs, we realize the importance of strong ancillary services and is committed to developing and maintaining one of the best support teams in the industry. The support staff is comprised of professionals specializing in: Quality Management/Performance Improvement Human Resources Claims/Managed Care Patient Financial Services Utilization Management

In general, our benefits packages include: Health and Well Being Benefits
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Life and AD&D insurance
  • Long-term disability
  • Sick leave/short-term disability
  • Employee assistance program
  • Flexible spending accounts (dependent care and healthcare)
  • Employee recognition program Retirement Benefits
  • Retirement plan
  • Supplemental retirement plan (tax deferred) Vacation and Time Off
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid time off for holidays
  • Jury duty pay
  • Continuing education time
  • Leaves of absence (family care, bereavement, etc.)
Extra benefits offered by various facilities may include:
  • Sign-on bonuses
  • Employee referral program
  • Bus passes
  • Car pooling incentives
  • Commuter subsidy
  • Cafeteria discounts
  • Direct deposit
  • Credit union membership
  • Entertainment discounts
  • Fitness program discounts
  • Pharmacy discounts
Our Guiding Values
We believe in dignity, collaboration, justice, stewardship and excellence. These values extend not only to our relationships with patients, but also with our co-workers. These values show in everything we do. They're important enough to us to be on every name badge of every employee as a great reminder of the values that guide us.

Dignity: Respecting the inherent value and worth which each person possesses as a member of the human family.

Collaboration: Working together with people who support common values and vision to achieve shared goals.

Justice: Advocating for social change and acting in ways that promote respect for all persons and demonstrate compassion for our sisters and brothers who are powerless.

Stewardship: Cultivating the resources entrusted to us to promote healing and wholeness.

Excellence: Exceeding expectations through teamwork and innovation.
A Learning Environment
We support the ongoing training and development of our staff, from the day of your arrival and throughout your tenure with our organization. This is reflected in the various programs provided by our organization, including:

New Employee Orientation
Preceptor Programs
Continuing Education Time (CET)
Performance Evaluation and Feedback
Tuition Reimbursement
Externship Programs

New Employee Orientation
To orient incoming staff to the company and to their new roles, we invite them to participate in a program that acclimates them and gets them involved.

The program provides an introduction to the history of the organization, as well as an overview of our policies and practices.

During the meeting, new staff will learn our personnel policies and practices, and about our performance review programs.

Company experts are on hand during the orientation to provide information on topics important to new employees, such as benefits, workers' compensation, workplace safety, corporate integrity and compliance, payroll issues, etc.

To ensure continued excellence in customer service, a presentation on the "Art of Caring," is provided to all new staff.

For patient-care staff, additional clinical training is provided on topics such as the Preceptor Program, Skills Assessment, Insurance, Managed Care and Referrals, Information Systems training and Health Information.

Preceptor Programs
Facing a new work environment, especially where the work is challenging and meaningful, can be a bit overwhelming. On-the-job training and self-directed learning efforts have been developed to help new employees adjust to their surroundings and their role in our organization.

We offer a preceptor program for a number of clinical positions within our organization, providing the new employee personal guidance to help them develop expertise in their field, as well as enhance their level of patient care. In turn, our Preceptors learn valuable lessons in training and development.

Continuing Education Time (CET)
Each year, eligible full-time employees receive up to 40 hours with pay to attend Continuing Education Unit (CEU) programs in order to maintain licensure, certification or registration required for their current position. Eligible part-time employees receive a pro rata portion to attend such programs.

Performance Evaluation and Feedback
We also encourage career development through our annual review and feedback processes. The objective is to assist employees in their development by providing a fair evaluation of progress and performance, and by supporting appropriate advancement in the organization.

Our evaluation tools provide constructive feedback and recommendations in areas such as:

Teamwork & Collaboration
Fiscal Responsibility & Stewardship
Competency & Proficiency
Judgment & Decision Making
Work Quality & Quantity
Goals & Objectives

Tuition Reimbursement
We offer a Tuition Reimbursement program to active regular full-time employees who have completed the orientation period. Tuition Reimbursement is granted for classes that are applicable to the employee's current position (i.e. job-related) and for classes that are relevant to the employee's department or career path. Classes must be part of a master's, bachelor's or associated degree program offered by accredited colleges and universities, or a program leading to a high school diploma or the General Education Development (GED) exam. Continuing education programs (CEU's) are also eligible when they are part of a degree or professional certification program. Information on class eligibility, processing and reimbursement limitations are available to all incoming staff members.

Externship Programs
We offer a Medical Assistant Externship program. We have partnered with several local institutions offering Medical Assisting schooling to offer a program that will provide the necessary 160 hours of specialized training within a medical clinic setting. As a Medical Assisting Extern, you will be mentored and trained by experts in your field who will provide you the necessary knowledge and skills that should guide you along your mission to become a fully functional Medical Assistant. If you are interested in becoming a Medical Assistant, check with your school of choice to find out if it is a Mercy Medical Group/Dignity Health Medical Foundation partner. If you're already attending school to become a Medical Assistant, check with your institution's program administrator to inquire whether our externship program is available.
Home Care Agencies
Dignity Health
Home Care provides comprehensive care for patients who have recently been discharged from the hospital and homebound individuals who need short-term, skilled nursing or therapeutic care.

Hospice Services
For individuals and caregivers faced with the diagnosis of terminal illness, Dignity Health Hospice Services provides physical, emotional and spiritual comfort and care in the supportive surroundings of the patient's home.

Infusion Services
Dignity Health's
patient-centered infusion services provide quality infusion therapies in the comfort and convenience of the home environment.
We're Here to Assist You and Answer Your Questions!
Member Health and Service Questions
Advice Nurse (toll-free, 24-hour): 877.944.1058

Member Services Department: 916.379.2888

Release of Information Department: 916.733.3332

Patient Advocates:

Shawnna Susac (San Juan, Fair Oaks and Roseville locations): 916.536.3609
Stephen Linn (Downtown, Laguna and Timberlake locations): 916.733.5905
Billing and Insurance Questions
Patient Financial Services Department (toll-free): 800.576.5050

Utilization Management: 916.379.2885, 800.576.5050

Other Questions
Mercy Medical Group Main Operator: 916.733.3333

Quality Management Program, to request program description: 916.733.5718

Complete List by Location and Department
Behavioral Health: 916.924.6400
Downtown (operator): 916.733.3333
Cardiology: 916.733.3344

Dermatology, Pulmonary & Allergy: 916.733.3304

Diagnostic Imaging: 916.733.3301

Ear, Nose & Throat: 916.733.3312

Endocrinology: 916.733.3346

Family Practice: 916.733.3440

Gastroenterology: 916.733.5779

Internal Medicine: 916.733.3400

Neurology: 916.733.5779

Obstetrics/Gynecology: 916.733.3350

Occupational Health: 916.733.3390

Oncology/Hematology: 916.733.5300

Ophthalmology: 916.733.3311

Orthopedics: 916.733.5700

Pediatrics: 916.733.3305

Physical Therapy: 916.733.3328

Podiatry: 916.733.3359

Rheumatology: 916.733.3346

Surgery: 916.733.3314

Urgent Care: 916.733.3377

Urology: 916.733.3310

Fair Oaks: 916.536.2420
Laguna: 916.733.5801
Mercy Medical Group at Mercy Medical Plaza (Obstetrics/Gynecology): 916.733.3350
Roseville: 916.536.2500
Urgent Care: 916.536.2525

San Juan (operator): 916.536.3500
Allergy: 916.536.3608

Cardiology: 916.536.3560

Diagnostic Imaging: 916.536.3510

Endocrinology: 916.536.3600

Family Practice: 916.536.3540

Geriatrics: 916.536.3560

Internal Medicine: 916.536.3620

Neurology: 916.536.3670

Obstetrics/Gynecology: 916.536.3530

Ophthalmology: 916.536.3550

Pediatrics: 916.536.3520

Podiatry: 916.536.2408

Surgery: 916.536.3600

Timberlake: 916.681.6000
Family Practice: 916.681.6000

Internal Medicine: 916.681.6000

Obstetrics/Gynecology: 916.681.6102

Occupational Health: 916.681.6088

Pediatrics: 916.681.6000