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Private Sales - Marketing Consulting 72 Active Jobs


Nowhere else in America will you find a better opportunity to enjoy personal satisfaction and
professional achievement ... because nowhere else in America will you find a company that is more committed to your success than USHA. As an advisor, you will work directly with Americas self-employed, small business owners and individuals to help them access an array of affordable benefit solutions. As demands for our products continue to increase, you will advise clients on a portfolio of benefits designed for their unique situation. You will also provide trusted guidance to help them find the solution that best fits their individual needs.


Income for Today:
Our innovative compensation plans give you the power to control how much money you will earn this year, next year and every year of your USHA career, because we do not place a limit on your earning capacity. As your annualized premium production increases, so does your income.
In addition, USHA's unique performance bonus plans give you even more opportunities to earn what you are worth.

Wealth for Tomorrow
USHA career agents also enjoy the opportunity to build significant wealth for themselves by participating in our unique stock ownership program.


Qualified Leads
USHA funds the production of targeted, pre-qualified leads from proven marketing channels. We work closely with local sales management to identify the most effective lead sources in the market. Continuous testing of new lead generation techniques helps USHA ensure that our career agents are always in the best position to win. And with a growing database of more than 4 million leads and counting, our career agents never run short of prospective clients.

Cross-Selling Initiatives

Through USHA's strategic business partnerships, our career agents have access to additional products and services that enhance the value of their personalized protection portfolio. The ability to create a tailored, high-value protection plan allows our career agents to maximize client relations, improve customer retention and ultimately, increase their income.

Annual Awards Recognition

USHA’s annual Phoenix Awards recognize the exceptional performance of our Agents and Leaders from all across America.  The coveted Phoenix Award signifies the uniqueness and unsurpassed excellence that exists here at USHA. There is no greater honor than to have a chance to celebrate your achievements with all the glamour and excitement you would expect from a must-see Gala Awards Event.