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US Pro Services

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U.S. Professional Services, Inc. (US PRO) is a woman owned and operated company that was founded in Boston, MA. Our goals are to provide all clientele, present and future, with qualified staffing services, by providing a full range of temporary and permanent employment placement.

Our current focus is to provide technical and support personnel to government agencies such as the DOD and DOE. We anticipate continued growth of our staff and contract personnel as well as expansion potential within the future.

Career Opportunities

Since our employees provide service to other firms, we look for clients who share our values and appreciate the advantages of a lasting partnership. Our employees are unique individuals, and as such; we seek clients who understand this fundamental principle.

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We are committed to support and enhance the careers of the individuals whom we employ and develop long term business relationships with our clients.

Contact Us

US Professionals Services Inc

70 Federal Street Suite 301

Boston, MA 02110
Telephone: (866) 464-4738