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UHS - Palmetto Lowcountry Behavioral Health

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Palmetto Lowcountry Behavioral Health is a mental health treatment provider serving the state of South Carolina. We offer mental health and substance abuse treatment services for children, adolescents and adults in private inpatient and outpatient settings. If you have a mental health question, or are in need of help, please call us for a no cost consultation at 843-747-5830.

Our Mission,Vision & Values


  • We are committed to being the leader in behavioral health in our community and are dedicated to improving the lives of the members of our citizenry.
  • We are committed to providing prompt access to services in a caring and confidential environment.
  • We pledge that our mission will be governed by the individual needs of our patients’ as well as the global needs of our community.


  • We continually strive to be the community standard for excellence and are dedicated to improving every life we touch.


  • We are dedicated to providing high quality, accessible, cost effective care.
  • We are committed to conducting ourselves with the highest level of integrity.
  • We will treat all people with dignity and respect.
  • We will strive to provide our employees with a nurturing environment in order to allow them to achieve their highest level of performance and competency.
  • We value or ability to adapt to the changing needs of our patients and our community.
  • We are dedicated to education to public about behavioral health issues and their impact on people’s lives.
  • We believe that compassion is the cornerstone for healing and Peace of Mind.

Contact Us

Palmetto Behavioral Health
2777 Speissegger Drive
Charleston, SC 29405
843-747-5830 or toll free 877-947-3223