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North Star is Alaska's premier behavioral health provider that specializes in helping young people with life's challenges. We recognize that childhood should be a time of joy, fulfillment, growth and nurturing care. We also recognize that situations happen that are beyond young people’s control or ability to effectively handle. Our programs at North Star work with the family and the community to help facilitate optimal growth and nurturing throughout times of childhood adversity. Our goal is to help young people get on a track that leads to a life of youthfulness – the life that children and adolescents deserve.


If you ask the North Star staff why they work here, you’ll hear one answer again and again. “To help young people.” Our employees are highly skilled and could choose to work anywhere; however, making a difference in the lives of children and families brings rewards they can’t find anywhere else. That’s why our staff chooses North Star.

Are there other reasons? Yes. The high level of professionalism and specialization, our team approach to helping children and teens, and the family atmosphere of our facilities lead to the staff satisfaction and the personal rewards that come from helping youth. North Star is dedicated to the communities of Alaska as well as to young people and families from other areas of the nation who seek our specialized services.

Of course, staff also find salaries competitive, benefits flexible, the atmosphere enjoyable and their colleagues supportive. These are just a few of the many reasons why our staff, affiliated professionals and physicians have chosen North Star. We invite you to find out more about joining our behavioral health team.


  • Patients recommend to their families and friends
  • Physicians prefer for their patients
  • Purchasers select for their clients
  • Employees are proud of
We realize this vision through our commitment to the following principles: service excellence, continuous improvement in measurable ways, employee development, ethical and fair treatment of all, teamwork, compassion, and innovation in service delivery.

Service Excellence is Our Goal
North Star Behavioral Health is designed with teams of professionals whose goal is to provide excellence in care for the children, adolescents, and the families that we serve. In providing care for our patients and their families, we value compassion, respect, education, and challenging each individual who comes into contact with our highly educated and skilled professionals. Gaining the most out of the difficult time that brought them to our services is our goal. All North Star employees are committed to and strive to exceed the expectations of our patients and families, ensuring access to service that is prompt, efficient, user friendly and effective.