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Trinity Rail Group, LLC

Public Manufacturing 100 - 250 Employees

Trinity Rail Group, LLC provides railcar solutions for customers throughout North America and beyond. From finished railcars to components to state-of-the-art repair and coating facilities. Our North American product portfolio features a full line of freight and tank cars -- including covered hoppers, box cars, coal cars, intermodal equipment, automotive carriers and a wide variety of specialty cars. All built with Trinity Rail Group, LLC’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Trinity Rail Group, LLC’s Leasing and Management Services group provides a broad array of creative leasing, financing and fleet management services to help meet diverse rail transportation needs. Various leasing structures are offered, including full service, net and per diem leases. Lease financing is available on new Trinity Rail Group, LLC-built railcars as well as our growing fleet of existing tank and freight cars. The management services business leverages years of railcar expertise to enable customers to focus on their core business while we help manage day-to-day operations of their railcar fleet. Our comprehensive menu of services range from administration, regulatory compliance and tax preparation to maintenance management programs and repair.

Trinity Rail Group, LLC responds to each customer's individual needs with a comprehensive range of products and services and a commitment to innovative rail transportation solutions.


Incorporated in 1933, Trinity Industries, Inc. is one of the nation's leading diversified industrial companies for the transportation, industrial, construction and energy markets. The company began as a Dallas-based manufacturer of storage tanks, truck tanks and transports for the LPG industry. A hallmark in manufacturing In the mid-1960's, Trinity Rail Group, LLC capitalized on its manufacturing expertise to begin producing tanks for tank car manufacturers. This evolved into finished tank cars. This dynamic internal growth and manufacturing versatility are a hallmark of Trinity Rail Group, LLC throughout the years. As demand for railcars grew in the late 1980's and 1990's, Trinity Rail Group, LLC emerged as the leading provider of rail equipment through internal expansion and a series of key acquisitions. We first acquired the railcar design and manufacturing assets of Pullman Standard, followed by Greenville Steel Car, Ortner Freight Car and DIFCO. Enhanced by industry specialties Domestically, Trinity Rail Group, LLC focused on new designs. Higher capacity and higher gross rail load cars were introduced. A variety of cars was developed to meet unique and specialized customer requirements. Our service offerings expanded to include railcar management capabilities and lease options on our growing fleet of freight and tank cars. We entered the railcar components market through the acquisition of Standard Forged Products, a leading industry supplier of railcar axles. In 1998, we expanded into the foundry business when TrinityRail acquired McConway & Torley, the leading manufacturer of railcar couplers. Strengthening our services To strengthen our scope and reach, we merged operations with Thrall Car Manufacturing Company in 2001. This brought expanded domestic and European product lines along with greater manufacturing capabilities and expertise. Transport Capital, a privately-held asset management and advisory services company serving the rail transportation industry, was acquired in 2001. One company, one source During these years of change and growth, there is one constant: our commitment to providing unmatched railcar products and services. Today, Trinity Rail Group, LLCoffers a comprehensive and innovative portfolio of railcar solutions, tailored to any customer need, no matter how large or small. We are one company, one source for all your railcar needs.


Railcars should be dependable, reliable and come from a company that’s experienced and dedicated to being a long term partner in providing rail transportation solutions. That's what you expect and what Trinity Rail Group, LLC aims to deliver.

Railcars should make your business more productive. Trinity Rail Group, LLC understands that and everything we do is directed to that end…from introducing new car designs to packaging railcars and railcar services together in innovative and creative ways. From the beginning, we've built our business with one goal—to provide well-designed, quality-built, railcars that enhance our customers' productivity, profitability and flexibility. In short, railcars that perform.