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Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.

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It all began in 1875 when Tanaka Engineering Works became a major supplier of telegraphy equipment used in long-distance communications and quickly earned the reputation for innovation in developing technologies. Then in 1939, Tanaka Engineering Works merged with Tokyo Electric Company to form Toshiba Corporation, which would later become a leader and pioneer of some of the world's most significant technologies, and the brains and brawn behind more than 500 major technologies including telegraph equipment, MRI technology, air traffic control systems, semiconductors, flat panel displays, disk drives, business telephone systems, laptop computers and digital imaging and document management solutions. When the history of technology is written, it is our intention to be included in every chapter.


As a part of Toshiba America Business Solutions, you’ll be an integral partner to the success of our customers. More than just copiers, Toshiba is an industry leader in digital displays, document security, and software solutions that keep businesses running brilliantly and efficiently. Our reputation in the industry _is a direct result of the outstanding care our employees provide. A global powerhouse with a 150-year heritage, Toshiba has received the Thomas Reuters award for “Top Global Innovators” four times.

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