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TNTP Teaching Fellows

Non-profit Education - Teaching - Administration Not for Profit - Charitable Social Services 250 - 500 Employees Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI

TNTP’s Teaching Fellows programs transform talented people into great teachers for disadvantaged students. Operating in more than a dozen U.S. cities, they hold the highest standards for effective teaching of any teacher preparation program in America. More than 32,000 Teaching Fellows have been trained to date. Fellows come from all walks of life and learn to teach critical subjects such as math, science and special education through innovative, practice-based training and coaching. The programs are run by TNTP, a national nonprofit organization working to end educational inequality, in partnership with leading public school systems and states.


Classroom-Centered Training: Our innovative training is centered around actual teaching experience and focused practice of essential skills you need to be immediately successful as a new teacher. With intensive coaching from expert teachers that lasts through your first year, you will have ample opportunity to practice, reflect and improve until you master the craft of great teaching.


Flexible Teaching Locations: With programs operating in more than a dozen U.S. cities, you can choose to teach and live in a community that fits your interests.


Certification that Counts: We hold the highest standards for certification of any program in the country. Upon graduating our programs, Teaching Fellows are recognized not simply as certified teachers, but as having a proven track record of classroom success.


Full Salary and Benefits: While pursuing certification, you will work full-time at a district or charter school and earn a full teacher’s salary, starting at $30,000-60,000, plus comprehensive benefits.