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The University of Chicago

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Located in the community of Hyde Park on Chicago’s South Side, just 15 minutes from the city center, the University of Chicago is uniquely positioned to contribute to, and draw from, the strength and diversity of this world-class metropolis. We have also made an indelible mark on the world at large.

Changing the World

Our faculty and students are pioneers, discoverers, teachers, scholars, and change agents. We ask tough questions, engage the world around us, and pursue knowledge with rigor because we believe in the transformative power of ideas.

Shaping Minds

Our undergraduate program is known for its emphasis on critical thinking and broad interdisciplinary exposure to the full range of intellectual discovery. Our College classrooms have a reputation for being hotbeds of exhilarating discourse. Discussions that start in the classroom often move to the dormitory hall, to the lunch table, and into the community. A Chicago education is a life-changing experience.

Creating New Disciplines

As the nation’s celebrated teacher of teachers, we place particular emphasis at the graduate level on the training of students for careers in academia and research. Committed to scholarship of the highest order, our faculty has made major contributions to existing bodies of knowledge and to the creation of new fields of study. Chicago scholars seek to break down artificial disciplinary barriers and frequently explore research and coursework outside their selected fields. We have long thrived in an atmosphere of free and open inquiry, which has led to classic studies of literary criticism and urban sociology, the development of ecology, and the study of religions as an academic field.


Our academic programs are of the highest caliber because we believe in the transformative power of ideas.

Some of the most influential academic movements are taking place at the University of Chicago. We are pioneers in economics, sociology, literary criticism, and legal education, and we are the home to the country’s largest university press.

Critical Thinking at Our Core

We value an interdisciplinary undergraduate education with an emphasis on critical thinking and discussion of original texts. Undergraduate students in the College have the opportunity to learn in small classes and major in one of our 52 programs of study.

Making Interdisciplinary Connections

We bring together notable scholars and academics from broad disciplines to foster an awareness of the permanent questions at the origin of learned inquiry. With more than 70 interdisciplinary workshops, we provide a forum for graduate students, faculty, and visiting scholars throughout the world to present scholarly work in progress.

Exchanging Ideas Worldwide

We appreciate the exchange of ideas, cultural understanding, and breadth of knowledge that result from international study. With 7 international centers and the Center in Paris, our faculty and students engage in intellectual discovery all over the world. Each year, the College awards more than 100 summer international travel grants to support undergraduate students in intensive language study and research abroad. Additionally, the Booth School of Business’ Executive MBA Program has a campus in cities on three continents, while the Law School has a broad commitment to the study and practice of International Law.


The Power of Ideas

At the University of Chicago, we take seriously our part in the enormous task of generating new knowledge for the benefit of present and future generations. Our agenda-setting faculty crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries to transform the way we understand business, economics, history, law, literature, religion, physics, chemistry, and biology and medicine, among other fields. In this spirit of discovery, we train future generations of scholars, scientists, educators, and world leaders. Transformative Technology

As technology pioneers, we are fully engaged in the process of preparing our most beneficial, most practical, and innovative scientific discoveries for the marketplace. As we create new ideas for the marketplace, we also generate revenues for research and education. National Laboratories

The University of Chicago manages, supports, and engages with two major federal research centers where cutting-edge science is always underway: Argonne National Laboratory and the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Together these great laboratories attract $900 million annually in federal research funding and employ 5,000 Illinois residents. Argonne and Fermi are leaders in ensuring U.S. competitiveness in the global economy, and providing unmatched science talent and capacity for our region and its people and economy. The research that takes place in them, often in collaboration with Illinois universities, contributes to our nation’s environmental, energy, and national security.