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Summit Consulting, Inc.

Public Sales - Marketing 6 Active Jobs

Summit Consulting is Baltimore’s leading provider for sales and marketing services. Our clients are all industry-leading companies. We pride ourselves in our ability to train and develop executive TEAMS who never fail to bring our clients their most valued customers. What sets Summit Consulting apart from any other firm is our passion for our people and our perpetual growth and advancement opportunities.

Career Opportunities

We're not always hiring, but when we do...

We are looking for enthusiastic and experienced individuals to join our team. Our team members are the most interesting and outgoing individuals in the room. And when we are all in the same room....forget about it!

We look beyond the resume. We want to make sure that all team members fit into our company culture as well. The attributes we look for can't always be found on your resume.

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400 Renfro Dr
Suite 105
Glen Burnie, MD 21060