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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energy management. We hire individuals driven by a desire to impact the world. With a mission to make the most of our clients' energy, we can help solve the global energy dilemma by helping companies and individuals make more efficient use of the energy they already use. We are passionate about delivering real and innovative solutions in energy management and energy efficiency, making energy safe, reliable, productive and green. With €19.6 billion (more than $26 billion) sales in 2010, the company's 110,000+ employees are committed to help individuals and organizations “Make the most of their energy.”

€19.6B ($26B) Global Sales in 2010
37% of sales in new economies, x2 compared to 2004
110,000+ people in more than 100 countries
4-5% Sales devoted to R&D
170 years of history through innovation and leading brands.


We foster a strong culture to drive innovation

Our values define our company, our customer approach and our business methods. They are the very same values we look for in the people we recruit.


Passion for Customers, Passion for People, Positive
We are passionate and positive about our business, customers and people. We strive to create a true sense of partnership with customers, making it easy for them to do business with us. We develop talent pools, coaching people to reach their potential.


Curious, Collaborative, Cultivates Diversity
We think “outside the box” and encourage others to do the same. We leverage the rich diversity of our company, promoting the sharing of expertise and learning. We show our willingness to collaborate to get things done.


Walk the Talk, Integrity, Talk Straight
We believe people value directness and simplicity. We behave in line with expressed commitments and show consistency between words and actions. We treat people with respect and fairness and give clear, motivating and constructive feedback.


High Performance, Pragmatic, Fast
We want to perform and get things done, not just talk about getting things done. We are pragmatic, not fancy. We manage and reach ambitious operational goals, taking appropriate risks. We respond with flexibility to shifting priorities and rapid change.


Fulfill your true potential and help the planet

Our business is driven by innovation. It’s also driven by our passion to satisfy customers. If you’re ready to harness your creativity, skills and enthusiasm to serve customer needs, then we have a place for you at our company.

If you’re an experienced candidate, expand your career horizons with us. If you’re a student or recent graduate, start building your career here. Either way, we’ll provide you with the means to succeed and untold opportunities to make a difference

Find your next opportunity in the following areas:

Sales and Marketing
Build a rewarding career satisfying our customers

Challenge yourself with demanding projects

Business Support and Strategy
Gain expertise contributing to efficiency and growth

Make innovation your career springboard


Energy is our priority

Energy is the biggest challenge for our generation and those yet to come. At Schneider Electric, together we can make a difference each and every day.

Our world is at a turning point

  • Demand for energy is set to explode, particularly in the booming new economies.
  • Yet even today, electricity is not readily available to 1.6 billion people
  • The continued exploitation of fossil fuels remains a threat to the planet.
As the global specialist in energy management, we believe our company can make a difference:
  • By helping to reduce energy consumption to curb carbon emissions through our energy efficiency solutions.
  • By enabling the poorest regions of the world to gain access to safe, reliable electricity through supply of equipment, training and funds. For example, more than 2,300 young people are currently in training in 22 countries.
Strong involvement by employees

At Schneider Electric, every day, you’ll help meet the demands of these new challenges, either at work or as a volunteer:
  • At work, in every position and activity, everyone’s job is somehow related to energy efficiency. It is the cornerstone of our strategy.
  • Many of our employees are involved as volunteers in our Foundation and in their communities. For instance, some participate in electricity-related training projects, dedicated to underprivileged young people or their teachers.

Learning and development

Continuous skills enhancement to support your success

We aim to give you the means to build your career, develop your employment opportunities and learn new skills. Our learning and training offerings ensure continuous growth through personal development and professional enrichment.

Specialize in energy management

To help our employees develop best-in-class energy management practices, we founded Schneider Electric Energy and Solutions University. By enrolling in one of seven unique programs, you will acquire the knowledge and tools you need to devise creative solutions and best practices.

Groom yourself for promotion

Our Leadership Development courses are designed to enable future and present managers to best fulfill their role. Developed with the participation of leading business schools, our 5 to 21 day courses feature keynote speeches by general managers from other international high-growth companies.

Sharpen your vision of our strategy

Our Strategy and Execution Excellence Centre empowers key employees, experts and managers to devise and execute more effective strategy. You will broaden your understanding through participation in debates and discussions moderated by general managers at group, regional or local level.

Improve your core functional skills

Specialized programs of training workshops will enable you to enhance your functional expertise. You’ll be endowed with the tools you need to successfully fulfill your mission. Our five areas of functional expertise span Sales and Marketing, Operations, Product and Solution Engineering, Human Resources and Finance and Control.

Culture of diversity

Wellspring of creativity

We promote diversity and inclusion because we recognize diverse minds are a source of strength and competitive advantage. Creativity and innovation spring from a mixture of backgrounds and viewpoints.


Our presence in 102 countries makes us a multicultural company by nature. Our long-term investment in ‘new economies’ like India, China, and Brazil reinforces that. Wherever we operate, we assemble multinational teams and foster diversity. We encourage cross-functional and cross-border collaboration. Our international mobility program supports this diversity.

  • Around 70 nationalities participate in our training programs every year.
  • Employees of more than 50 different nationalities were working abroad in 2008.
Fair and equal workplace

In the spirit of progress, we adopt an inclusive approach. We seek the best worldwide. We welcome all talent, without any partiality whatsoever. What counts foremost is a demonstration of the potential and competencies we need:
  • To develop new products that meet new needs in energy efficiency
  • To sell creative solutions perfectly suited to customer requirements
At Schneider Electric, we believe that helping you as an individual to realize your full potential will help the company overall to achieve outstanding results. From the CEO downwards, we are especially committed to broadening opportunities for women worldwide.

What we do

We help people and organizations make the most of their energy

As the global specialist in energy management, our company takes on the challenge of transforming the way people and organizations use energy.
We are the essential brick between energy production and energy usage.

We make electricity available for both individuals and organizations. We make it reliable and safe to use thanks to our wide range of electrical distribution and critical power and cooling solutions.

  • For example: data centers, hospitals and stock markets cannot withstand the slightest fluctuation in current quality. We provide these businesses with uninterrupted power at all times.
We provide energy efficiency solutions to help our customers achieve greater productivity while consuming fewer resources.
  • For example: industry, infrastructure and buildings account for more than 70% of energy consumption today. Our solutions can cut energy usage by up to 30%.