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Psychotherapeutic Services Inc.

Private Healthcare - Health Services Headquartered in Tampa, FL 11 Active Jobs

Psychotherapeutic Services began over twenty years ago as a private/public partnership providing a limited array of community support services to behaviorally challenged persons in Delaware. As the corporate group expanded the array of service types and populations, it also became more geographically dispersed. This evolved into a highly effective management system in which local program manager responsibilities encompass all aspects of clinical service delivery in their arena, while corporate personnel manage finance, accounting, billing, human resources, contracting, risk management, compliance, supervision and quality management. This approach of highly centralized administrative services with equally de-centralized clinical program management is responsive to customers whose program services and structures have local needs, rules and regulations yet provides consistent, appropriate and reliable core functions for programs, staff, customers, and consumer through the central corporate family.

Psychotherapeutic Services currently has over 300 competent, innovative, and dedicated personnel in 43 behavioral health programs in 5 (five)East Coast states. We provide a wide array of social health services including: residential, supported housing, day program, case management, and other community-based services. We serve severely psychiatric-ally challenged, dually diagnosed, juvenile justice system, developmentally disabled, geriatric, and any other special needs persons or populations that can benefit from a social psychology approach. All of our services are based on the concept of providing the right service to the right individual at the right time.


Psychotherapeutic Services is to provide the sustainable, professional , innovative,high quality services competitively in today's market.


Psychotherapeutic Services
6451 E Reef Circle
Tampa, FL 33625