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Pratt & Whitney

Public Airline - Aviation 10,000 - 25,000 Employees 17 Active Jobs

Pratt & Whitney is a pioneer in flight and in technology, a company steeped in history yet focused on the future.

We gave pilots the confidence to soar above the clouds. We made it possible to cross oceans and continents in hours, not days. We made it possible to fly around the world in wide-bodied comfort.

Over the years, we have patented hundreds of innovations, from heat-resistant coatings to aerodynamic blades – technologies that make air travel more cost effective, more comfortable and more dependable.

Today, Pratt & Whitney engines power over half of the world's commercial fleet. Every few seconds – more than 20,000 times a day – a Pratt & Whitney-powered airliner takes flight somewhere in the world. Our fleet of commercial engines has logged more than 1 billion hours of flight.

Our military engines power the Air Force's front line fighters today – the F-15 and F-16 – and our F119 and F135 engines will power the front line fighters of the future – the F/A-22 Raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Today, nearly 11,000 Pratt & Whitney military engines are in service with 27 armed forces worldwide. Our rocket engines send payloads into orbit at 20,000 miles per hour.

Our gas turbines are also used to generate electricity in a growing number of locations. And Pratt & Whitney Canada is the world's leading producer of engines for corporate jets, commuter aircraft and helicopters.

Today's competitive aviation industry demands far more than power from an aircraft engine. It demands thrust at the lowest possible cost and the highest level of reliability. Pratt & Whitney is developing game changing technologies for the future, such as the PurePower® PW1000G engine, with patented Geared Turbofan(TM) technology. This technology will be used for next generation of passenger aircraft and hypersonic propulsion systems and will enable aircraft to travel more than six times the speed of sound. Through Pratt & Whitney Global Service Partners, Pratt & Whitney is developing innovative new services that will delight customers around the globe. Pratt & Whitney Global Material Solutions is the first OEM to re-engineer, certify and manufacture both gas-path and life-limited parts for the CFM56-3 engine.

In a business that shrinks the globe, Pratt & Whitney is truly worldwide. We have representatives in 76 cities in 47 nations. Our partnerships and joint ventures in Asia and Europe extend our reach and keep us at the forefront of flight.

Since 1925, Pratt & Whitney's engines have broken the barriers of time, the distances between people and places. Today, our purpose and our driving spirit remain unchanged: to provide unprecedented power that ignites the imagination and moves the world.