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People 2.0

Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing < 100 Employees

People 2.0 provides enterprise-level infrastructure and comprehensive back office services to staffing companies. It operates a uniquely specialized, national service center that lets staffing firms leverage best practices and the power of aggregation to gain real competitive advantage. By bringing powerful, integrated systems, expanded resources and expert technical support, People 2.0 significantly increases a staffing company's operating capacity, productivity and scalability.

People 2.0 customizes end-to-end systems to help staffing firms achieve optimal efficiency. It tailors support service plans to relieve burdensome, non-core workloads and maximize performance. People 2.0 empowers company's to compete more effectively, grow more quickly and operate more profitably. By partnering with People 2.0, staffing firms free up critical human and financial resources for greater focus on development of the business, its clientele and personnel.

People 2.0 supports staffing firms in all industry sectors and all across the U.S. We know individual companies can have very different needs. And we are equipped to meet just about all of them.

Key Resources

Unlike vendors selling a product or representing an automated service bureau, People 2.0 partners with staffing companies to develop comprehensive infrastructure and custom back office solutions that improve productivity, eliminate administrative workload, lower key costs and drive business performance.

Strategic partnerships with People 2.0 empower staffing companies to compete more effectively. With greater resources, fewer distractions and a totally scalable back office, those companies can drive growth and profitability to new heights.

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People 2.0
National Support Service Center
1161 McDermott Drive, Suite 300
West Chester, PA 19380
Phone: 610-429-4111
Fax: 610-429-4117

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