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National Gypsum

Private Building Materials 1,000 - 2,500 Employees 1 Active Jobs

National Gypsum is one of the leading gypsum wallboard producers in the world. National Gypsum also offers a full line of interior finishing products, including joint compounds, tape and plasters. Its growing cement board product line has a strong customer base in the United States and several other countries.
Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, National Gypsum has over 40 locations, including laboratories; mines and quarries; paper mills; wallboard, interior finishing products and cement board plants.


Compensation – While total compensation includes benefits, such as healthcare coverage, base pay is the key component. National Gypsum offers salaries and wages designed to attract, retain and motivate the best associates in the industry.Salaries and wages are determined through surveys and job evaluations. The Company expects both salaried and hourly associates to receive regular feedback from their supervisors. Associates at plant locations may participate in gainsharing, which is awarded for meeting performance criteria. Time off – Vacations are based on length of service and each National Gypsum location receives 10 paid holidays. Healthcare – National Gypsum offers some of the best benefits in the industry, including medical, prescription drug, dental and vision. Retirement – Full-time associates with five years continuous service are eligible for a defined contribution retirement account. The Company makes a basic contribution equal to a percentage of pay into the associate’s retirement account annually. This plan is portable. This is in addition to associates’ Social Security benefits provided by both associate and Company contributions. National Gypsum’s 401(k) plan is designed to provide additional retirement income. Profit Sharing – All full-time employees participate in the Company’s profit sharing program. Training – National Gypsum fosters a learning, growing culture through training opportunities. Managers determine the training needs of their departments and arrange for associates to attend in-house courses or those offered outside the Company. Other – The Company offers associates discounts on its products. Associates’ children are eligible for Company-sponsored scholarships. If associates would like to give a gift to the college or university they attended, the Company will match the gift up to $1,000.

Industry Leader

Since becoming a private company, National Gypsum has invested over $1 billion in the business. That investment has included new plants, equipment and technology and has created the industry leader in service, quality and innovation.


  • NGC was the first in the industry to establish a centralized call center. Customers ordering materials get personal attention, quick response and answers to their questions.
  • Customers can track orders as soon as they are entered and receive dozens of on-line services through an award-winning electronic commerce site.
  • A toll-free hotline (1-800-NATIONAL) brings technical information to the jobsite.


  • Technology Innovation Center staffed by chemists and engineers, as well as a product testing center.
  • Automatic Data Collection system collects process data from over 500 sources, measuring everything from moisture in the gypsum to kiln temperatures.
  • Quality metrics show nearly perfect products reach customers. Percent defective indicates 99.98% of all wallboard products meet our customers’ standards.


  • Process improvements impacting quality and product performance are part of the Company’s focus on innovation.
  • New products include GoldBond XP Wallboard, which provides mold, mildew and moisture resistance; EXP Sheathing and Shaftliner, fiberglass faced gypsum board for extreme exposure; ThermalCore PCM wall panels, a concept product using a phase change material to moderate room temperature.

Green by choice

National Gypsum is a green manufacturer by choice, committed to the development and implementation of sustainable green building policies, standards and practices; to attaining the highest level of ecological responsibility and resource-efficient technology.

  • Wallboard facing papers are produced from recycled paper at its three paper mills.
  • Waste wallboard goes back into the system and trimmings from paper rolls are sent to the Company’s paper plants for recycling.
  • The Company’s newest, high-speed plants use byproduct (synthetic) gypsum, which is produced when power companies remove sulfur dioxide from emissions. The emissions are fed through a limestone slurry and the byproduct of this operation is calcium sulfate, chemically identical to gypsum rock. By recycling the byproduct, the Company uses a material which would otherwise go to landfills to make an essential building product.
  • Process water is recycled, resulting in zero discharge. Storm water run-off is treated in sedimentation ponds prior to discharge.
    Dust collected in baghouse systems is recycled into the process. State-of-the-art baghouses are designed for particulate removal efficiency greater than 99.9%.
  • Solvents used to wash parts, waste oils, spent vehicle batteries and scrap metal are sent to third-party recyclers.
    Energy optimization systems are installed on board dryers to conserve fuel. Infrared technology is used to detect board dryer leaks and balance temperatures for greater efficiency.
  • All combustion sources are equipped with low NOx burners to reduce emissions.


National Gypsum Company Headquarters
2001 Rexford Road
Charlotte, North Carolina 28211
Phone: 704-365-7300
Fax: 800-329-6421

Employee relations

National Gypsum’s core values are the foundation for its decisions and transactions with customers, business partners, the communities where plants are located and, most importantly, with its associates.

Its Vision is “to be recognized as the industry leader for extraordinary service and products that consistently meet our customers’ toughest standards.”

The company Values support its Vision and associates are committed to both. Those Values are

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Honesty, integrity, fairness and respect
  • Communications and openness
  • Teamwork, empowerment and continuous improvement
  • Work hard, be safe and have fun.


The Company has earned several prestigious awards:

  • Industry Week Magazine’s Best Plants Award. The Company’s Apollo Beach Plant near Tampa, FL, was named one of the 10 best manufacturing plants in the nation in 2005. The next year, its 27-year old Wilmington Plant earned the same award, which focuses on quality, productivity and other world-class best practices.
  • CIO 100 Award. Earned CIO Magazine’s award for bold initiatives in information technology. NGC’s winning initiative was its customer service extranet—
  • One of America’s Safest Companies. Occupational Hazards Magazine has named National Gypsum one of the country’s safest companies. In fact, the Company has one of the best safety records in all industry.
  • Environmental Excellence. Two years after it opened, NGC’s Shippingport Plant near Pittsburgh, PA, received the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence.