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Guckenheimer is a premier on-site corporate restaurant management and catering company. We are proud to say that we are in our 4th decade of operation. Where smart meets delicious is in Guckenheimer's DNA. We were founded in 1963 by Stewart Ritchie, a Stanford medical student who sold artisan sandwiches at the Stanford Medical School courtyard. His Stanford girlfriend (later wife) Jeanie helped him with his business in between her nursing school studies. In 1967, the operation expanded to its first corporate dining location at Hewlett-Packard, with Jeanie taking the lead as general manager.


Experience the Guckenheimer Difference.
At Guckenheimer, we envision a world where nourishment in the workplace – and beyond – is a way of life.

Healthy eating and healthy lifestyles at work lead to better choices and beneficial actions at home, school, or wherever people gather for a meal.

That’s the vision we rally to every day, in workplaces across the nation.

Nourishing Inspiration in Everything We Do.
Our goal is to create an upscale customized dining experience to fit your unique culture by offering healthy, hand-prepared meals for employees and clients to enjoy together in bright and airy environments, sparking collaboration and creativity.

It’s a simple mission, but also, a powerful one.

Local Awareness, Global Vision.
We are also aware of our role as a responsible corporate citizen. Becoming familiar with our communities and supporting local economies have always been important for us as ways to further our responsibility and commitment to our clients.

As shifts in the global economy create new challenges for us all, Guckenheimer remains steadfast in our dedication to the highest-quality ingredients, food safety practices and nutritional considerations while being sensitive to providing good value to our clients and managing our resources responsibly.


Commitment to Our Community.
Guckenheimer has deep roots in the communities we serve. Support of our communities through charitable responsiveness is central to our philosophies and our client relationships. Guckenheimer endeavors to partner with clients who are committed to environmental sustainability, and who view foodservice as a benefit to the health and happiness of their employees.

Our Evolution

The Ritchies revolutionized the world of corporate dining by offering delicious, handcrafted food as a friendly, service partner. Their legacy lives on in today's top-performing companies that use innovative food service as part of their a talent retention and engagement strategy. Today, we partner with many of Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For" to manage over 400 corporate cafes across the nation.

As we continue to grow, there are a few core values which will never change-our dedication to great tasting food, family-oriented customer service, and focus on eating smart for peak performance and well-being.

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How to Reach Us
You can contact us directly at

(800) 466-5303
1850 Gateway Dr. Suite 500
San Mateo, CA 94404

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