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Graymont is a family owned company whose management team and employees are dedicated to meeting or exceeding customer needs. The company is focused on high calcium and dolomitic lime, value added lime based products such as specialty hydrates and precipitated calcium carbonates, and in the aggregate and pulverized stone business.

Graymont takes a long term view of its business and the lime industry. Graymont has been in the lime business for over 50 years and operates facilities on sites that have been in operation for up to 200 years. Graymont is among the leaders in the industry in adding new efficient plants and equipment and operates some of the most modern facilities on the continent.  Since 1989 Graymont has built close to 2.8 million tons of new state of the art capacity and will continue to add new capacity to meet market demand.

Graymont is the third largest producer of lime in North America. In Canada, Graymont subsidiaries have operations from New Brunswick to British Columbia. In the United States, subsidiary companies operate in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Utah and Nevada while serving markets in a much wider geographic area. In addition to Graymont's lime interests, Graymont Materials, located in upstate New York and the province of Quebec, provides construction stone, sand and gravel, asphalt products and ready mix concrete for the infrastructure and general construction needs of the area.

In 2003, Graymont became a part owner of Grupo Calidra. Calidra is the largest lime producer in Mexico, with seventeen production sites in Mexico and one in Honduras. The company, like Graymont, is privately held and has more than ninety years of continuous experience in the Lime and Limestone industries. Calidra mines some of the highest quality limestone deposits in Mexico.

Graymont and Calidra have a strong commitment to their customers. Having placed a deliberate emphasis on lime production, both companies have successfully demonstrated a solid history of growth. The result of this development is both financial stability and access to adequate capital. Graymont and Calidra have also dedicated specific resources toward such important areas as quality control, geology, engineering and environmental issues. Both companies have also secured extensive, high-quality stone reserves, ensuring a solid position for many years to come.

Graymont looks forward to continuing our work across North America and in so doing, helping to improve our environment, contributing to communities as a good neighbor, adding value as a responsible business partner, and continuing to provide high quality products to our customers.


In addition to providing high quality products for its customers, Graymont provides engineering and technical support to facilitate customer applications. Areas covered include: product application, transportation, material handling, and research and development.

Product Application:
Graymont has technical and sales personnel skilled in solving customer problems. They are available to work with customers to recommend the proper products to meet their specific needs. This may include support on FGD projects, steel blends of high calcium and dolomitic products, the usage of lime in asphalt, or how to apply building products.

Transportation: Graymont has extensive expertise in transportation, by truck, rail or water for our products. The emphasis is on building reliable, cost efficient supply networks. An example of this commitment is the operation of a fleet of PCC delivery barges to support customers in the paper industry in the Northwest.

Material Handling:
Graymont will review and inspect customer material handling facilities and design criteria to assure efficient and economical operations. If requested, Graymont is prepared to own and operate such facilities at the customer's site including storage facilities. Graymont also provides portable slakers, silos and unloading and material handling equipment for short term projects. Several customers lease this equipment until their project has been completed.

Research and Development:
Graymont is prepared to work with customers in R&D efforts for new product and process applications. Graymont has portable slakers and unloading conveyors available to facilitate testing of new applications at a customer's site.

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