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Frontline Marketing

Private Sales - Marketing 100 - 250 Employees

Frontline Marketing is Sacramento's only outsourced customer acquisition firm aiding the Fortune 500 community in its pursuit of new business. It is our belief, and our impressive numbers back it up, that nothing is more effective to acquiring new customers than a firm handshake, a great smile and clear communication. Our function is to deliver our clients message to potential customers, give them a superb impression of our clients and win over their business.

Due in large part to an increase in technological dependence, the global community has shrunk. While there are many positives to this trend, the downside is our national and international clients feel disconnected with their customers. TV and radio commercials are expensive and there is no way to know if they actually reach their target audience. The internet is vast and so far spam e-mail has been more of a nuisance than a viable business solution. Direct mail gets our clients info in the doors but the conversion into new customers is typically less than 2 percent. Telemarketing has recently been limited by do-not-call lists and caller ID. This has created a huge opening for Frontline Marketing. Our integrity and effectiveness is why no other company is entrusted to handle such personalized customer acquisition. It also is the reason for our aggressive expansion plans in 2010.


Frontline Marketing Mission Statement:
To build on a foundation of integrity, vision and a commitment to helping others succeed. We believe that leading others in an effort to maximize their talents and potential in a positive work environment is one of the highest honors. It will allow us to best serve our clients and continue our growth for years to come.


Frontline Marketing 10320 Placer Lane Sacramento, Ca., 95827. 916.368.7632 For more information please contact or send resumes to: