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Fidelity Bank

Public Banking - Financial Services 250 - 500 Employees 16 Active Jobs

Fidelity Bank is committed to providing our distinctive red apron service to all of our customers. As the second largest locally owned financial institution in Wichita, Kansas and a growing presence in the Oklahoma City area, we provide customers with a wide array of quality financial services.

The forerunner of Fidelity Bank--The Fidelity Investment Company--opened its doors for business in Wichita in 1905 as a mortgage lender. In 1942 Homer C. Bastian, Kansas' first director of the Federal Housing Administration, recognized Wichita's growth potential as a trade area. He left the FHA and purchased one-half interest in Fidelity Investment.
Air Capital Acquisition
In the late 1960's, Marvin Bastian became the chief executive officer of the Fidelity companies. He acquired Air Capital Savings, a $32 million asset savings and loan association, in 1975. Over the next 20 years, the company experienced exceptional growth as a thrift institution known as Fidelity Savings Association of Kansas.

Facilities and Leadership Expand
By the 1980's, Fidelity had outgrown its downtown headquarters at 229 South Market Street in Wichita. Recognizing the importance of a vital downtown area, the Bastian's remained committed to the heart of the city. Next door, at English and Market streets, Fidelity constructed a $6 million, five-story office building--a state-of-the-art facility that opened in 1986.The company's leadership expanded with the addition of Marvin Bastian's sons-Clark in 1976 and Clay in 1980. Clark is CEO and Chairman of the Board of Fidelity Bank. Clay is president of the holding company, Fidelity Financial Corporation. Marvin Bastian continues as an advisory director for Fidelity Bank, and he is Board Chairman of Fidelity Financial Corporation.

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We offer our employees a comprehensive group of employee benefits. These include:

  • Insurance Medical Insurance Employees have 3 options from Preferred Plus of Kansas (HMO). The company assists employees with premiums. All plans cover medical, prescriptions and vision care examinations. Employees are eligible for this benefit the first day of the month following date of hire. Delta Dental Insurance This plan provides coverage for all dental care, including cleanings, fillings and x-rays. Again, the company pays a portion of the premium. Disability Insurance This is a company-paid benefit which provides 66-2/3% of insured's monthly earnings up to a maximum monthly indemnity of $10,000. It is effective on the first day of the month following 90 days of employment. Payment begins after 90 days of disability. Life Insurance This company-paid benefit allows employees to receive term life insurance at 2-1/2 times their annual wage, and becomes effective on the first of the month following 90 days of employment. Children and spousal life policies are also available for employees and their families.
  • Other Benefits 125 Flex Plan This plan enables the employee to pay medical and dental insurance premiums, medical expenses and dependent care expenses through pre-tax withholdings. 401K Retirement Savings Plan Fidelity will match employee contributions at a rate of 50% up to 6% of compensation with the maximum company contribution set at 3% of compensation per year. Checking Accounts Each employee is entitled to an interest-bearing checking and savings account free of monthly service charges. This account includes free checks and unlimited checkwriting. Growth Opportunities The company pays for Institute of Financial Education and Center for Financial Training classes, either local or through correspondence courses. These opportunities are available upon hire. Tuition reimbursement for college courses is available after six months of employment for full-time and part-time employees. Paid Leave Full-time hourly employees will accrue a total of 10 hours per month for their Paid Leave Account which may be used for personal or family illnesses. Family includes children, parents and/or brothers and sisters. This benefit will be available for use on the 1st of the month following 90 days of employment. The 10 hours will be divided as follows: 4 hours per month for their Sick Leave Account which is to be used for absences of less than 2 days and 6 hours per month toward their Short-term Disability Account which is to be used for qualifying absences of more than 2 days. Vacation Fidelity credits vacations based on length of service. Full-time employees are eligible at the beginning of our fiscal year. For 1 to 4 years of completed service - 10 working days. For 5 to 14 years - 15 working days. For 15 years and over - 20 working days. Employees with less than 1 year of service are eligible for a pro-rated amount of vacation. Concierge Services Include on-site neck and shoulder massages, dry cleaning pickup and delivery, flu shots, discounted tickets to various theme parks and additional items added annually.
  • Additional Employee Benefits
  • Fidelity Farm is located near Cheney Reservoir and offers stocked lakes, a large picnic shelter, a barbeque pit and restrooms. Fidelity Farm is open year-round. Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, CO is owned by Fidelity. Employees receive 50% off room rates when reservations are made through Fidelity. Interest-free loans on computer purchases. Any employee interested in purchasing a home computer can contact the MIS Department. Fidelity will order your computer through our catalog and open an interest-free personal loan for the purchase price of the computer (up to 3,000) for a two-year term maximum. Payments must be automatically debited from a Fidelity checking or savings account. Employees are eligible for 1/2% off consumer loan rates. (Excludes Home Equity Lines of Credit and First Mortgage Purchase Money.) These benefits are available after 90 days.
  • Part-time Employees
  • Fidelity Bank provides part-time employees the same benefits as full-time employees with the following modifications: Medical and Dental Insurance - Fidelity Bank will pay only single coverage. Paid leave accrues and vacation is credited at 1/2 the rate of full-time employee. YMCA Memberships Employees are eligible for discounted YMCA memberships through payroll deductions, which are based on the type of membership selected. Dress Standard Employees represent Fidelity in their appearance as well as in their actions. In order to create a favorable, professional image for the bank, employees should observe the standards set in the dress code which all new employees receive. While requiring business professional wear on Mondays through Thursdays, Fidelity permits its employees to dress in "business casual" attire on Fridays and Saturdays. EOE An Equal Opportunity Employer

Career Opportunities

At Fidelity Bank, we are committed to providing our employees with competitive benefits, growth opportunities, and company values designed to provide you with the following:
  • The standards by which we serve our customers, both internally and externally;
  • A climate of consideration and respect for each other and all customers and suppliers;
  • A spirit of teamwork by anticipating and resolving issues;
  • Recognition for a job well done; and
  • Celebrations to recognize achievements.

Fidelity also has a strong focus on superior customer service. Our employees receive training to ensure that in every meeting with a customer, each team member:
  • Provides the highest level of quality service to customers;
  • Satisfies customers' needs; and
  • Satisfies customers' financial needs by offering or suggesting services that will provide solutions to their problems and assist them in reaching their financial objectives.

A successful organization needs extraordinary people. We are looking for…Competent individuals who value Courtesy and are Concerned for others.

Please take a few moments and look at the exceptional career opportunities that Fidelity Bank has to offer.

EOE An Equal Opportunity Employer