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Public 2,500 - 5,000 Employees

CTG focuses on hiring information technology professionals to join our growing team of quality consultants in the IT industry. You'll work with experienced, professional recruiters who are experts in the market and who'll help you find the perfect job match so you can soar in your career.

CTG employees represent CTG to our clients and we understand that your success is our success. As a result, we work hard to provide the programs and processes our employees need to support them in performing their jobs, honing their skills, and advancing in their careers.

As an IT professional you're not looking for a routine job. What you really want is an IT challenge, so that you know more about IT solutions after every single project. You also want to share that knowledge with your colleagues. Because the customers behind your projects are counting on your efforts, you build strong and exciting relationships with them—just like you do internally with your colleagues.

CTG is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and a participant in E-Verify. For more information on E-Verify, see the English and Spanish files.

Mission / Vision

CTG's mission is to provide IT services and solutions that add real business value to our customers while creating professional opportunities for our employees and value for our shareholders. CTG's vision is to be recognized as a leading provider of value-added IT services and solutions in our selected markets.


CTG was founded in 1966 by Randolph A. Marks and G. David Baer in Buffalo, New York. The new company specialized in providing computer programmers, designers, and managers to clients looking for outside expertise to set up their own computing systems. By 1969, when CTG went public, we were already one of the country's top 70 software companies.

In the 1970s and early ’80s, CTG set up branch offices in 45 North American cities. We began to expand overseas in 1986, acquiring a U.K.-based consulting firm and, in 1990, purchasing Rendeck International, a firm headquartered in Amsterdam. CTG's European presence now includes branches in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the U.K. CTG acquired Elumen Solutions, Inc., in 1999, and established CTG Health Solutions to deliver IT services to healthcare organizations.

While CTG has grown in size, we have maintained our heritage of successful collaboration with our clients. Today, CTG develops innovative IT solutions and services to address the business needs and challenges in several higher-growth industries including healthcare, energy, and technology services. We are a leading provider of IT and business consulting solutions to the healthcare market, as well as managed services IT staffing for major technology companies and large corporations.

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