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Contact Solutions LLC

Private Telecommunications 100 - 250 Employees

CX leaders know the benefits of great customer service. How it helps you win customers, and keep them coming back. But don’t forget about self-service automation. How it makes it easier for customers to get the service they need. How it reduces contact center operating costs. And how it helps you step up your customer service game.

At Contact Solutions, we spend a lot of time thinking about customer self-service, contact automation strategies, and customer experience. But unlike our competitors, we help you turn self-service automation into a competitive advantage.

For almost a decade, we’ve been obsessed with continually improving our hosted IVR solutions in the areas of CX, contact center efficiencies, and cost savings as well.  We’ve known for years that people don’t hate self-service automation… they hate bad service.

Career Opportunities

Contact Solutions has a fast-paced, team-oriented culture that places a premium on innovating thinking, employee engagement, and continuous improvement. We have been recognized with the CARE Award for our family-friendly atmosphere and supportive culture and have won a Prometheus Award for innovation in career development and engagement programs.

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Contact Solutions LLC
11950 Democracy Drive
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