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ComplexCare Solutions

Private Healthcare - Health Services 250 - 500 Employees

ComplexCare Solutions provides services to some of the largest health plans in the country including Puerto Rico for thousands of members annually.

The management team of ComplexCare Solutions is represented by members from a variety of settings and diverse backgrounds. From disease management, hospital administration, health care services, health plan management, behavioral health, quality improvement, revenue management and telemedicine, this diversity has been molded in to a unified mission of impacting chronic illness.
Our breadth and depth of expertise and experience is unique in the industry. The combination of backgrounds and experience have been integrated to produce services that are highly effective at improving health outcomes for members, reducing medical expense, demonstrating regulatory and quality compliance while enhancing both revenue and member satisfaction.

Contact Us

ComplexCare Solution, Inc
75 Broad Street, Suite 0815
New York, NY 10004.