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ChaseSource LP

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ChaseSource is a minority-owned, business solutions firm specializing in Recruiting, Human Resources Consulting, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. The company was built by Human Resource professionals and Recruiters to serve companies in need of tactical as well as strategic Talent Acquisition and Managed Solutions.

With countless years of combined talent on staff, ChaseSource provides the people, process, and technology to enable your company to win the war for talent that will translate to an improved financial bottom-line. ChaseSource's current client base includes Fortune 100 Corporations, small businesses, and everything in between. The industries currently served by ChaseSource are as diverse as financial, telecommunications, energy, retail, and technology.

ChaseSource upholds a stringent Code of Ethics which all of our employees and contractors abide by at all times. A ChaseSource competitive strength has always been the recognized fact that we are a highly ethical company with tremendous integrity. ChaseSource ensures our dedication to maintaining the fundamental principles of fairness, honesty, and common sense, which are the heart of the company's philosophy, values and corporate standards. Always do the right thing in everything that you do. Strong business ethics form the basis for all of our relationships with employees, customers, partners, competitors, vendors, and networking groups.
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The ability to efficiently and effectively source and utilize talent to its fullest potential is critical to achieving the sustained success implicit in optimal performance. However, ever-shrinking labor pools and diminishing employee loyalty make achieving this goal more difficult by the day.

These pressures make it imperative for organizations to transform the way they hire and manage their workforces. Human Resource departments must seek ways to reduce the effort invested in highly transactional processes and focus efforts on assisting its company in achieving desired performance and profitability goals.

ChaseSource Talent Acquisition and Management Solutions can assist companies by utilizing client-specific processes and leveraging technology to transform the HR landscape. Elevating HR above transactional tasks to a level where more strategic planning and programs can take place will facilitate success for organizations today and tomorrow.

ChaseSource offers the following services:
  • Recruiting
  • HR Solutions
  • Managed Services Program
  • Workforce Performance Program